Affiliate Marketing is not an easy game. First, you have to arm yourself with weapons.

Without choosing the right theme and plugins, you may fail. You could be in deep trouble.

No Traffic, No Conversions, No Sales, and No Income.

Experts and professionals knew the importance of themes and plugins. As a result, they were making more sales and conversions.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer or a beginner at Affiliate Marketing? And facing difficulty in choosing the right plugin and theme?

With the help of this Affiliate Booster theme review, you will get answers to all your questions.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product to the audience at the right time.

Moreover, a good WordPress theme can increase your sales.

A beginner or an expert is looking for a more professional website. With a compelling home page design and rich content.

To turn more visitors into customers and increase website traffic and sales.

If you want the best affiliate theme for your blog, you must read our Affiliate Booster Theme Review.

Before buying an affiliate booster theme, I tried with the codes and used many plugins.

I was looking for something that had everything I needed, didn’t slow down my website.

And could help me create amazing blocks in seconds.

Unfortunately, codes are time-consuming, and plugins slowed down the page loading speed.

Then I found a brand new theme called Affiliate Booster. Its design for affiliates; I’ve been using this theme for the last eight months.

In this blog, I will share my Affiliate Booster experience over the last few months.

Every affiliate marketer has a dream to make hundreds of sales daily. It with minimal effort by using a few plugins on their website.

There are several themes available on the market, each with its own set of features.

But none of them designed for affiliate marketers.

You’ll surprise to learn that this plugin serves as a substitute for several plugins.

If you’re looking for the best theme and plugin, the Affiliate Booster might be the best and only choice for you.

The performance of the Affiliate Booster Theme is also impressive.

What is the Affiliate Booster Theme?

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress Theme.

The theme is seo friendly, Schema Optimized. Besides, its ultra-fast loading speed, designed for affiliate marketers for their business needs.

Affiliate Booster is one of the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing. And there are so many powerful features here.

It includes the Affiliate Booster plugin that is 100% Gutenberg compatible makes your work easier.

It is much easier for businesses to increase their revenue in a short period when they use a professional affiliate WordPress theme.

Brand advertising becomes more convenient and risk-free with an affiliate marketing theme.

If you’re an Amazon affiliate marketer aiming to start a new Amazon affiliate website in 2021.

In that case, this is the best Amazon affiliate WordPress theme at a decent price on the market.

Who Created the Affiliated Booster Theme?

It is a new market theme. It launched in June 2020.

Kulwant Nagi (Blogging Cage), a well-known affiliate marketing guru from India.

Who created and launched this theme.

Through affiliate marketing, he has earned a lot of money.

In April 2020, Kulwant and his team started developing a theme for affiliates.

After a long wait, on 15th July 2020, it is available on the official website of Affiliate Booster.

He says that there are many themes in the market, but they are too big or lack so many basic features. Seeing this pain, I decided to solve it by creating an awesome product. So, we created an Affiliate Booster Theme.

WordPress themes in the market are not designed with an affiliate blogger in mind.

The needs of an affiliate blogger and a generic blogger are not the same.

He identified a need in the blogging industry. And created the powerful Affiliate Booster Theme for WordPress.

Affiliate Booster began as a way to help Kulwant Nagi. And his team with their affiliate marketing business.

So, Kulwant realized that his theme concept might be useful to others and has a lot more potential as a product.

Affiliate Booster Theme Features

Let’s now review the awesome features you will get with the affiliate booster theme.

Affiliate Booster theme features
Source: Affiliate Booster

1. Ultra-Fast Loading

Your website must load faster if you want to rank high in search results. If your website takes too long to load, you will lose a lot of traffic and conversions.

Suppose your website takes longer than three seconds to load. Then, your bounce rate will be high, which is not a good sign for ranking.

To improve load time, you’ll need a fast-loading theme.

And the best weapon for this is an affiliate booster theme.

You can improve the speed of your site and gain more customers with the use of an Affiliate booster theme.

People have much less patience and prefer to collect all the information on one page with a single click.

They chose to get the details at once rather than the one where they had to wait a long time.

It helps you to provide a professional and attractive design for your site at high speed.

The affiliate booster theme, you can double your website’s conversion rate while increasing its speed.

I performed some tests to check the Affiliate Booster theme’s speed and performance.

After installing the affiliate booster theme, you can check out the images below. We used Page speed insight and Pingdom to test the site’s speed.

Affiliate booster page speed
affiliate booster loading speed

2. Schema Optimized

What exactly is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a piece of code that you can apply to your website.

To help search engines return more informative results in a more appealing way for users.

For more information on a schema, you can found in Neil Patel’s guide.

As a result, must use a Schema Optimized WordPress theme for a better SERP ranking.

Affiliate Booster claims and found it is 100% Schema optimized. I ran my blog on Google’s Rich Results Test tool, and this is the result.

According to Google’s Rich Results Test tool, the Affiliate Booster theme is eligible.

affiliate booster theme google rich results

3. Mobile Responsive

The responsive WordPress theme will adjust to the screen size of the device.

Research says that 54.8 percent of people access the internet through mobile devices.

You must use a mobile responsive WordPress theme.

Users can left your website or blog if it does not look nice on their devices.

A responsive theme improves user experience and has SEO benefits. One of the ranking factors used by Google is mobile friendliness.

So we ran Google’s Mobile responsive test on our Affiliate Booster theme blog. And the result is Affiliate Booster, a 100% mobile responsive WordPress theme.

Affiliate booster mobile friendly WordPress theme

4. Page Builder/Elementor Compatible

The affiliate theme Booster is fully compatible with page builders, including thrive and Elementor.

It means you can use any page builder to develop and design blog posts and pages for your website.

Thrive Architect is a well-known used page builder on the market. If you want to build a landing page or a post-design, Thrive works well.

The affiliate booster theme works with Elementor. And almost every popular page builder, including Thrive Architect and Beaver Builder.

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5. Easy Customizations

The theme’s main purpose is to make the website look beautiful.

The Affiliate Booster theme allows for complete customization.

You can make your website look amazing with this theme.

With the help of this affiliate booster theme, you can align every single block to your design ideas.

It lets you experiment with different home page layouts.

Such as single-page layouts, header variations, menu customization. Typography, icons, logo width, footer width, global title colors, and so on.

People who are unfamiliar with coding and technical skills.

Want a basic drag-and-drop theme that can do anything with a few clicks.

You can build pages like a professional without writing a single line of code.

Affiliate booster designed in such a way that you can grasp each element of the theme. I even customized my entire site in 2 hrs on the first go.

I can do it, although I am not a techie. After that, anyone can do it.

It is extremely simple to customize.

You need to spend some time exploring its features to do things with the affiliate booster theme.

1. Homepage Layout

The Affiliate Booster theme enables seven different well-designed homepage layout designs. The design layouts for professional bloggers and affiliate marketers.

It gives your blog a professional look. Using beautiful grid layouts, full-width featured image layouts, and full-width layouts with grids.

You can easily set left, right, no sidebar, or full-width posts in a row.

To change the layout, you click one of the options from the layout, and the site will change.

All these layouts are incredible and look professional.

Here are the stunning, well-designed Homepage layout options available in Affiliate Booster are:

And all the other options that make your homepage layout design look and feel awesome.

2. Single Post Layout

Affiliate Booster makes it easy to customize the single post layout.

You can enable/disable the featured image, author bio, and Breadcrumbs in this theme. And offers many more options to customize the layout.

It comes with three single post layout options: Layout 1, Layout 2, and Layout 3.

You can also enable and disable the right and left sidebars and choose a full-width post layout.


3. Archive Layout

If you want to archive the pages, you can choose this option. You can archive any of the category pages.

If you want to design different archive pages, you can do the settings.

They have provided seven different types of layouts of the archive page.

It comes along with a sidebar to choose the best one that suits you.

  • Basic Layout
  • Basic layout + Big Featured Image
  • Wide Featured Images
  • Grid Layout
  • Grid Layout + Big Featured Image
  • Full-width Featured Image
  • Full-width Grid Layout

4. Disclosure (or Disclaimer) Layout

Disclosure layout is most important for the affiliates to follow FTC guidelines.

It allows you to notify your blog readers that this article is an affiliate article.

It allows you to enable/disable disclosure. You can set your disclosure for a single post layout by selecting the desired option.

Your disclosure text can place as follows:

  • Above the Title
  • Below the Title
  • Below Content

You can also change the typography, color, padding area, and disclosure background color.

There was only one disadvantage. It visible on your posts; there was no option to select the disclaimer for specific posts.

On 25th May 2021 released, they recently introduced this feature in their most recent version, 2.0.49.

Now, the user can disable disclaimers in any specific post they don’t want for their visitors.

5. 404 Layout

These 404 layouts allow you to upload any images you want to display when your site has a 404 error.

The Affiliate Booster theme helps add up to 4 columns in a footer menu. And customize colors, fonts, height change, and copyright Code.

7. Header Layouts

Affiliate Booster provides three different types of header layout designs. Allowing you to change the design of your website header with a single click.

You can also change the padding of the header.

  • Header 1 (Logo + Secondary Menu)
  • Header 2 (Centered Logo)
  • Header 3 (Logo + Banner)

8. Custom Scripts

Custom scripts allow to install scripts such as codes, Facebook pixels, Google tags. And others that lead to tracking and marketing.

It simply provides header and footer script options.

Affiliate Booster users can install global and local scripts. Copy your code and insert your scripts into the Header or Footer.

These unique features that you will not find in any other theme on the market.

9. Widget Options

Affiliate Booster theme has ten widget options available.

  • Main Sidebar
  • Header Banner
  • Above Title Ads
  • Below Title Ads
  • After Content Area
  • Before Footer ā€“ for advertising
  • Footer Column 1
  • Footer Column 2
  • Footer Column 3
  • Footer Column 4

Using all the different options, you can customize your website as per your need.

10. Typography Options

Affiliate Booster provides several typography options in the theme.

Here are some of the most important options are:

Body Background Color

You can set a background color for the body of your posts and pages by using the body background color feature.

Content Background Color

You can change the color of your content background using content background color.

Advanced Typography

You can change the font style and size using the advanced typography option.

For each text, such as H1, H2, H3.., Body, Paragraph, and so on, you can also adjust the font color, size, font, etc.

6. AdSense Friendly

The Affiliate booster theme is not only ideal for affiliate blogs.

But it is also useful for AdSense blogs, thanks to the in-build ad placement section.

It saves a lot of time when it comes to placing ads.

In affiliate booster, all you have to do is copy the AdSense code and paste it into the ad page, and you’re done.

The Affiliate Booster theme has the following widgets to display ads or banner ads are:

  • Above Title Ads
  • Below Title Ads
  • Header Banner
  • After Content Area
  • Before Footer ā€“ for advertising
  • Footer Column 1
  • Footer Column 2
  • Footer Column 3
  • Footer Column 4
  • Main Sidebar

These themes give you the flexibility to choose the best one for your ads, blog banner ads placement.

7. SEO Score

SEO helps search engine crawlers to crawl and rank a website. Thus, if your website is well SEO optimized, there is a better chance of ranking at the top.

The main purpose of a WordPress theme is to make the website look great and function.

But nowadays, almost all themes in the market are SEO optimized.

As a result, the website must become SEO friendly.

Search engine optimization making the website easier to find via a search engine.

While also understanding the content and driving more traffic.

A website that uses a good theme that is SEO friendly would almost be at the top of the list.

So we use Google’s to check the SEO score of our site, which has the Affiliate Booster theme installed.

We received an SEO score of 93 out of 100.

8. Color Control

It can be challenging for a site owner to choose matching themes. And colors to grab more visitors’ attention.

Colors influence how visitors experience a brand.

And it is critical to keep their attention and keep them engaged to stay long.

If you choose a very bright or very light color for your website. It will be difficult to attract the attention of all visitors at once.

With color control, you can select the right color and theme for your website from all the criteria.

You can adjust the theme colors from the Customizer setting. You can change the theme, background color, content to stay connected with your users.

The theme holds good advanced typography control on your website. And always brings the reader’s attention to the content of your website.

The affiliate booster theme controls headings, sub-headings, written content. And format in a well-designed manner to become eye-catching for visitors.

9. 100% Gutenberg Compatible

People use three different styles of WordPress editors in the market.

WordPress Classic Editor, Gutenberg Editor, and Elementor are all available.

We have tested and found that this theme is completely compatible with all them.

That is, the theme will not interfere with the web pages you create with these editors.

The affiliate booster theme is 100% compatible with Gutenberg. Gutenberg compatibility gives you the superpower to add conversion-optimized blocks to boost sales.

The default layouts, typographies, colors, and so on do not challenge the editors.

The changes will reflect as you wish. For example, if you use editors to change the design from the default designs.

10. Made for Affiliates

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress theme designed for affiliate marketers, as name suggests.

We experienced, this is excellent and ideal for affiliate marketers, especially Amazon affiliates.

 Affiliate theme booster designed for affiliate marketers to improve Click-through rate and earnings.

11. Free Affiliate Booster Plugin that Empowers Gutenberg Blocks

Affiliate booster theme download includes a free affiliate booster plugin for Gutenberg blocks. The plugin is simple to use and helpful for affiliate marketing.

The AB plugin is a featured rich plugin that comes with 16 different Gutenberg blocks.

  • It offers more than 15 pre-made designs to save your efforts and time.
  • Content display with title, bullet point, and short paragraphs is easier.
  • No coding or any more plugins needed.
  • Compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Best for Amazon Affiliates.
  • You can use these user friendly blocks to promote services, products, or anything else.
  • These blocks you can use for many purposes.
  • It can create any block with typography, image, icons, and color choices for your design ideas.

12. Enhances CTR for Affiliates via Affiliate Booster Plugin

It is easier to increase CTR and sales with the help of an affiliate booster plugin.

These Gutenberg blocks empower you to create blocks as per your needs. With many ready-made blocks for various purposes.

Such as single product block, Pros, and Cons block, Call to Action block, Comparison table block, etc.

Affiliate Booster Plugin Features

free affiliate booster plugin
Source: Affiliate Booster

When you buy an Affiliate booster, you will get the Affiliate booster plugin for FREE.

The AB plugin has conversion-optimized blocks. That assists you in creating a better landing page than Elementor.

Affiliate booster plugin is a well-designed Gutenberg block plugin with 16 pre-made blocks.

It makes your article more trustworthy.

Affiliate Booster theme has provided free plugin that offers the most robust features.

It works as an add-on to the Gutenberg block and is simple to use.

The plugin is extremely useful for affiliate marketing sites, especially for Amazon affiliates, to sell your affiliate products.

It lets you use user friendly controls with many editing options to design the blocks. So it meets all your preferences and choices.

Gutenberg blocks are easy to use, and you can use them to promote your service, products, software.

Affiliates spend hours creating pros and cons lists. For example, single product reviews, call to action buttons, and so on.

But you can do it all in minutes with the blocks.

The plugin takes care of all your design work so you can focus on the content.

The plugin’s goal is to improve CTR and increase sales.

This stunning plugin’s ease of use and power will amaze you.

In the Gutenberg block editor, the Affiliate Booster plugin is also known as AB.

You install, activate the affiliate plugin, and start designing your posts and pages.

Picking a plugin from the editor is simple. First, you need to search and select Gutenberg editing block elements.

1. Affiliate Booster Single Product Block

A single product block is a block to highlight the most important features of a product.

It helps you increase traffic and conversions on your website, leading to more sales.

Affiliate booster plugin offers a pre-designed block. You don’t need to do anything else than change the text, add an image, and add your link to the button.

AB Single Product Settings
AB Single Product Settings
AB Single Product Block
Affiliate Booster Single Product

2. Affiliate Booster Pros and Cons Block

You can highlight the benefits and drawbacks of a product using the AB Pros and Cons block.

It aids your reader in making an informed decision about the product.

When designed and used, it will help to boost your clicks and conversions.

For comparison and review articles, it’s an attractive, pretty responsive, and convertible block.

With the help of Affiliate Booster plugin blocks, you can add pros and cons in a single click.

From the below, you can see various block designs that help you showcase the pros and cons of any product.

AB Pros and Cons
Affiliate Booster Pros and Cons

3. Affiliate Booster List Items Block

The AB icon list will allow you to create eye-catching lists with a variety of icons.

Also, you can make a list of any icons to fit your needs.

In the blog, I used this list items block many times to list out and highlight the features. 

4. Affiliate Booster Notification Block

The AB Notification Block is an easy-to-use block. It provides good results when used correctly on your site.

The block is simple to use. You can customize from the WordPress Menu block content setting option. and from there, you can change the content, color, background color.

You can highlight important features that you can use to draw your readers’ attention.

So the readers can see other key aspects of the product to promote something specific.

Here’s an example of how the block may appear on a post or page.

Important Notice

Tips- We tested this theme performance and happy with the result. So before you buy a theme, you can download the free version of the theme and test the performance.

5. Affiliate Booster Comparison Table Block

Being an affiliate marketer, if you have ever worked with comparison tables. You know how difficult and painful it is to create and manage them.

You need to install different plugins, but even styling them can be a tedious task for many.

Comparison Block allows you to compare products to make it much easier for customers to choose the best product based on their needs.

You can add the product images, titles, features, and price with buying link for customers.

It saves a lot of time and effort and can create; It takes very little time.

You can know its effectiveness by looking at the Comparison Table below.

AB Comparison Table
Source: Affiliate Booster / Affiliate Booster Comparison Table

6. Affiliate Booster Good Bad Features Block

You can use the AB Good Bad block to summarize the good and bad aspects of a product.

Encouraging customers to make quick decisions.

It also helps you so that you can increase the conversion rate of your entire post with the call to action button.

Here is an example of a Good Bad Block.

Affiliate Booster Good and Bad Block
Source / Affiliate Booster Good and Bad

7. Affiliate Booster Notice Block

AB notice block helps you get the attention of your website visitors to a particular piece of text.

Because most website visitors skim through articles.

Using a notice block makes it far easier to highlight some important aspects of the product.

The Notice Block combined with other Affiliate Booster Blocks to gain high conversions.

Affiliate Booster Notice Block
Source/ Affiliate Booster Notice Block

8. Affiliate Booster Call to Action Block

If you want to boost conversions, include a call to action block in your article.

You can use this block when you want to encourage users to take a specific action.

Such as purchasing, making a call back request, obtaining email, and so on.

You can use the CTA block to link affiliate products and offer messages for visitors to take action.

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9. Affiliate Booster Table of Content Block

A Table of Content Block is a path for your entire content. It allows your readers to find specific sections of the page and navigate to that section.

AB Table of Content Block is an easy-to-use tool. It can improve the reading experience, page SEO score. And enable your readers or visitors to navigate from topic to topic.

In most cases, adding a table of contents to a blog post requires using a plugin in a standard WordPress editor.

This affiliate booster theme features a built table of content.

In this article, I’m also using a table of a content block of affiliate booster theme. You can see the table of contents above.

10. Affiliate Booster Coupons Block

The AB Coupons block is the most useful block for an affiliate website.

Assume you want to promote a product that is on sale or at a discount.

You can use it to make an amazing conversion using this Advanced coupon block.

The readymade block is so simple.

You need to upload the product image, product title, description. And buy button to link to the product page for the visitors.

Affiliate Booster Coupons block
Source / Affiliate Booster Coupons Block
Affiliate Booster discount code

11. Affiliate Booster Star Rating Block

The AB Star rating block is a simple block that lets you add star ratings to any product.

You can use this block many times in your article, either alone or with other blocks.

It performs great when combined with other blocks.

12. Affiliate Booster Button Block

The affiliate plugin also offers an AB button block that allows you to add various styles.

You can only get a simple button with no effects in Gutenberg.

With an affiliate booster, you can customize your button to meet your specific needs.

The Button Block is a dynamic block that you can use combined with other blocks or stand-alone blocks.

13. Affiliate Booster Conclusion Block

You can use the AB Conclusion Block at the end of your article to wrap it up. It is an awesome feature compared to the regular conclusion we are providing in blogs.

It added ratings, images, headings, and many more to show an engaging conclusion block.

Affiliate Booster Conclusion Block
Affiliate Booster Conclusion Block

14. Affiliate Booster Top Pick Product Block

The AB Top Pick Product Block is an excellent block that helps you to increase sales and conversion.

When you are writing about different products in a post or making comparisons. There is always a sure winner, a product that you consider to be the best overall.

The majority of people do not want to spend time on research.

They want the best product shown to them.

That is why You can use the Top Pick Block design block to achieve.

With the use of the affiliate booster plugin, building the top pick is easy.

You may use it at the top of the page to highlight the best product in the list.

Best Option Product Block is a Gutenberg block. So you can add it to your post like any other block while using the block menu.

This feature you will not get in any other theme or plugin.

Source / Affiliate Booster Top Picked Product

15. Affiliate Booster Dynamic Block

An AB Dynamic Block is a block that gives you the ability to create any design you want.

This AB block gives you the flexibility to combine as many blocks as you can to create any design you want.

Here, you can see from the video to create an awesome design.

Source/ Affiliate Booster Dynamic Block

16. Affiliate Booster Product Column

The AB product column will allow you to highlight multiple products with their features and pricing and deal with the call-to-action button at the same time.

With the help of this block, you can create many products in columns for your visitors to review.

17. Affiliate Booster Progress Bar

The AB progress bar helps you to highlight the product features with ratings for the customer.

With the help of this block, you are encouraging customers to take action.

You can see how it performs from the below image.

Instapage Review Progress bar
AB Progress bar

18. Affiliate Booster Single Product Pros and Cons

The AB single product pros and cons block is ideal for highlighting purposes.

Both the benefits and drawbacks of any product. Along with the buying button and product description.

Enticing and pretty responsive for comparison and review articles.

Check out the below; I shared the benefits and drawbacks of getting a response with a product page link to buy.

AB Single Product Pros and Cons
Source / Affiliate Booster Single Product Pros and Cons

19. Affiliate Booster Product Tables

The AB product block makes it easy to add products to a table with ratings pricing and many other things.

Currently, it offers three product tables that you can create within your post and pages.

These product tables are customizable and look so beautiful.

Here, you will find all three types of product table blocks from the below images.

Affiliate Booster Product Table
Source / Affiliate Booster Product Table 1
Affiliate Booster Product Table 2
Source/ Affiliate Booster Product Table 2
Affiliate Booster Product Table 3
Source / Affiliate Booster Product Table 3
  • Affiliate Booster Product Table 1 (With Product Rating Outside & Inside Circle)
  • Affiliate Booster Product Table 2
  • Affiliate Booster Product Table 3

Why Choose an Affiliate Booster Theme & Plugin?

I was also asking why I chose the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin. Since it is a new theme in the market, and there are already popular themes.

But after purchasing and testing it. I can tell you that there are lots of advantages to using an affiliate booster over any other theme.

As affiliate marketers, we always want high conversion rates from our blogs.

And to do so, we must rely on conversion optimization, which is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing.

To get a higher conversion rate, we need to make our articles look more professional.

Such as review articles, list articles, and comparison articles.

Our product reviews highlight the pros and cons of each piece and other useful features. Besides, product comparisons, star ratings, video, and much more are essential for conversions.

So, we need complete control over the customization of each component of our theme. Speed optimization, schema optimization, faster loading, and many other features.

All these things are available with the affiliate booster theme and plugin.

So stay with me until the conclusion of this comprehensive affiliate booster review.

And to learn about all these incredible features.

I’ve been using it on this blog for a long time.

I believe that I’m the best person to tell you all about the affiliate booster theme.

So, without further ado, let us delve into the affiliate booster review.

To give it a try, you can also download the affiliate booster theme demo to see the overall theme and plugin features and performance right away.

Affiliate Booster Theme Pricing

The Affiliate Booster theme price depends on how many website licenses you need.

A single website, 50 website licenses, or an unlimited site license.

There is currently a 25% discount available.

Affiliate Booster is available with a yearly license. Affiliate Booster pricing are as follows.

Annual License (Theme and Plugin) Pricing:

Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin Pricing
Affiliate Booster theme & Plugin pricing

1. Single Site License (Ideal for Small Businesses, bloggers, and affiliates)

The actual price is $49/year.

The current deal is $36.75/year (25% Discount)

2. 50 Sites License (Ideal for Medium Businesses, bloggers, and Affiliates)

The actual price is $79/year.

The current deal is $59.25/year (25% Discount)

3. Unlimited Sites License (Ideal for Big Businesses, Pro Bloggers and affiliates)

The actual price is $149/year.

The current deal is $111.75/year (25% Discount)

Annual License Plugin Pricing:

Affiliate Booster Plugin Pricing
Source / Affiliate Booster Plugin Pricing

1. Single Site License (Ideal for Small Businesses, bloggers, and affiliates)

The actual price is $39/year.

Today’s Special: $29.25/year (25% Discount)

2. 50 Sites License (Ideal for Big Businesses, Pro Bloggers and affiliates)

The actual price is $49/year.

Today’s Special: $36.75/year (25% Discount)

3. Unlimited Sites License (Ideal for Big Businesses, Pro Bloggers and affiliates)

The actual price is $99/year.

Today’s Special: $74.25/year (25% Discount)

While considering features, the affiliate booster price is pretty good and reasonable.

Compared to other popular WordPress themes such as Generate press or Thrive.

It feels more costly than other themes, as generate press that costs $50 for an Unlimited License.

However, you will not get a powerful affiliate Booster-like plugin that makes Affiliate Boosters the winner.

Affiliate Booster is inexpensive compared to the Thrive WordPress theme. Yet, the Thrive theme is feature-rich.

I would recommend a single-site license for a beginner, which is inexpensive, like any excellent WordPress theme.

If you have many websites, go with the Unlimited or 50 Site License Partner Booster Theme.

Because this is the initial promotion, there is a 25% discount available right now.

Which Plan Should You Select?

Now, after reviewing the three possible plans, you’ll be wondering which plan to go.

It is all up to you. If you only have one site and do not want to add more affiliate blogs, a single website license is perfect.

The 50-site license is the best choice. If you have many blogs, this is the best choice for everyone.

Affiliate Booster Home Page Layout Settings

Here, 12 Homepage and Archive design are with seven different layouts in this theme.

Best homepage layouts to give your blog an outstanding design in a single click.

With simple setting options, you may enable and disable features on your homepage.

The Kirki plugin must customize the homepage for the affiliate booster theme.

Else, you will not see these options.

Affiliate Booster Theme now supports different homepage layouts.

You can see in Customizer > > Affiliate Booster Theme Panel > Layouts > > Home Page Layout.

That is how the settings will look. You can see from the homepage layout settings video below.

Source / Affiliate Booster Home Page Layout Settings

How to Install and Activate Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin Resource

When you buy the theme or try the free version of the theme on the dashboard, you will get the tutorials.

From the welcome screen, on the dashboard during the first-time login. You will get all the information as below image shown.

You will get contact support info, instructions, how to download the link, and license code.

You will get affiliate booster docs from the dashboard to learn how to set up the theme and plugin step by step.

Here, you can check below the how-to installation guide and activate to know more.

How to Install the Affiliate Booster Theme and Activate with the License Key article

How to Install and Activate the Affiliate Booster Plugin using the License Key article

Affiliate Booster Theme Pros and Cons

The affiliate booster theme is an outstanding theme for affiliate marketers, amazon affiliates.

It is also the best choice for bloggers, brands, and businesses of all sizes.

I will now outline the pros and cons of the affiliate booster theme.


  • 100% Schema Optimized theme
  • Microdata enabled theme
  • Google SEO Score
  • Fast Loading
  • Easy to Customize
  • Free Affiliate Booster Plugin
  • 100% Gutenberg Compatible
  • Elementor Compatible
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Typography Control
  • AdSense Friendly theme
  • Stunning Gutenberg blocks
  • Different Homepage Layouts & Designs


  • UI side improvement needed
  • More advancements in mobile speed need

Affiliate Booster Review from User

Affiliate Booster is very new to the market, but it is still a popular WordPress theme as per user feedback.

The reason behind this is they made it for Amazon Affiliate sites and all other affiliate niches.

Over 1000+ customers have used the theme and plugin.

And they had a positive experience while saving a considerable amount of time.

Here, you can see what the customer is saying about the theme.

Affiliate Booster Review Feedback:

Affiliate Booster Customer Review
Affiliate Booster trust pilot user review
AB Customer service review

Affiliate Booster Theme Customer Support

Affiliate booster theme customer support is excellent.

They are well-managing customer issues. The Tech support team identifies and resolves the issue in quick working time.

The dedicated dashboard provides many user help tutorials and videos. It is also quite helpful and worth reading through to manage minor issues.

Such as installation, license code information, and a step-by-step guide.

You will also get an email notification when a new version release with a theme and plugin features and bug fix.

You can also find the version 2.0 changelog and the most recent feature release information here.

If you face difficulty with the Affiliate Booster Theme or Affiliate Booster Plugin.

You may open a support ticket from your dashboard, which you received.

When you raise an issue, the support team assesses whether that’s a bug or a lack of customer knowledge.

If that is an error or any bug, it will fix immediately.

And if it is due to a lack of knowledge on the user’s behalf, A team will help you immediately with email follow-ups.

They also have a telegram community for all the buyers to get bits of help and lots of pieces of information.

You will get instant help with any issues related to the affiliate booster theme or plugin.

You can take advantage of it if you experience any difficulties with the theme or plugin.

You find a solution in a couple of minutes.

Final Verdict

We tried our best to provide you with enough information and explain most of the features in this Affiliate Booster review guide.

I hope this in-depth affiliate booster theme review helps you with all the insights.

Affiliate booster seems to be the best affiliate theme in the world.

Other themes cannot even compete with the ease of use and performance it provides.

This theme is suitable for anyone, regardless of their business domain.

The Affiliate marketers using this theme because of its excellent performance and the features it offers.

SEO optimization, schema optimized, ultra-faster site speed, and many customization possibilities.

Many say that the main drawback of this theme is that it is a bit expensive on an unlimited license plan.

But, considering the affiliate booster theme includes a free affiliate booster plugin.

The objection becomes irrelevant. No other theme gets close to this offer.

The affiliate booster plugin is one of the market’s best plugins for affiliates.

The user interfaces that the affiliate booster implements is still improving. So it is fair to expect even greater things in the future.

Affiliate booster theme is the unique and best decision for affiliates.

So, It is best to choose and to go with and it is recommended that you select a theme.

Finally, you won’t have to miss out on the excellent free affiliate plugin offers.

At the moment, it is available free of cost with the theme.

Also, stay ahead of the Deal of 25% OFF.

You can share us with your thoughts, views, and opinions on the affiliate booster theme review.

Affiliate Booster Theme Review 2021

  • šŸ„° Ease of Use
  • šŸ™‚ User Interface
  • ā¤ļø Feature
  • šŸ„° Performance
  • šŸ‘ Support
  • šŸ™ƒ Pricing


I hope this affiliate booster theme review article helps you with all the insights. Affiliate booster theme is the unique and best decision for affiliates. So, it is best to choose to go with and it is highly recommended that you select a theme.
Finally, you won’t have to miss out on the excellent free affiliate plugin offers. At the moment, it is available free of cost with the theme.

FAQs of Affiliate Booster theme and Plugin

What is the Affiliate Booster Theme?

A WordPress theme designed for affiliate marketing, especially for Amazon affiliates.
You can create the website using the affiliate booster theme. Which is flexible, has industry-leading rich features, and is fast.
Affiliate Booster Plugin is an efficient and useful plugin included in the theme. A Gutenberg Blocks Plugin allows you to create an eye-catching design. Professional and high-converting blocks for your posts and pages.

What is an Affiliate Booster Plugin?

Affiliate Booster Plugin is a free WordPress plugin that comes along with the theme.
This powerful plugin is designed to create a super easy, simple-to-use, quick, and eye-catchy blog.
The plugin includes pre-designed blocks which help affiliates promote their products.
Affiliate Booster is a plugin that extends the functionality of the Gutenberg Block.

Is the affiliate booster plugin free?

It is free and comes with an affiliate booster theme. So, there are no extra costs to pay.
But if you want to buy it alone to use in your existing theme, you need to buy it from the offered pricing plan.

How can I get the Affiliate Booster Theme?

You may download it from the Affiliate Booster website.

What makes Affiliate Booster different from Elementor?

Affiliate theme booster is a WordPress theme that you can use to create almost any kind of website. This theme includes the Affiliate Booster Plugin.
This plugin adds Gutenberg blocks to your website. It is allowing you to create high-converting blocks with less effort. It will also boost your affiliate marketing earnings.
The Elementor is a page builder for WordPress that you can use and create pages. This page builder makes it easier to create stunning designs for WordPress sites. Affiliate Booster Plugin includes all the blocks that can make using Elementor.
Using Elementor to create elements or blocks is a tedious task. It takes a lot of time and requires some design skills.
Affiliate Booster plugin stands out because it includes stunning blocks, which take a long time to create with Elementor.
Furthermore, If you use Elementor to create all the pages, your site’s performance may drop.
It has an impact on your site speed, search engine ranking, and, as a result, your affiliate income.

Do they provide Customer Support?

Yes, Affiliate boosters have a customer support portal available 24/7 and 365 days.
If you face any issue related to the theme or plugin. You can log in to your dashboard and submit a support ticket on the affiliate booster website.
You can find the customer support portal here.

How can I get help with Affiliate Booster Issues?

Affiliate Booster has its customer support team available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Suppose you have any problems with the Affiliate Booster Theme or Plugin. Please open a support ticket on the Affiliate Booster website.
After you submit a ticket, the team will assess the issues and find you with support in a quick time.
They provide a how-to setup guide for installing themes and plugins on the dashboard.Ā  Apart from that, audio, videos, and tutorial information can access after purchase.
Once you have purchased, you can also join a Telegram forum to learn more about the theme and plugins.
It is only available to Affiliate Booster subscribers who buy the theme.

Does the affiliate booster plugin work with Elementor?

Yes, it works with Elementor. Also, you can use the plugin on the same website by using Elementor and Gutenberg Block.
You can’t use the affiliate booster plugin on the same web page that you have created using Elementor.
You can’t use the Gutenberg block editor combining the plugin with Elementor on the same page.

Is this plugin compatible with any theme?

Yes, the plugin is a Gutenberg block plugin, so that it will work with any WordPress theme.
How can we use this plugin to increase sales?
The plugin is so powerful and has many ready-made design blocks. It was created for affiliates to make your blog posts look amazing and professional.
As a result, you will see an increase in clicks and purchases.

When the Affiliate Booster Theme License expires, what will happen?

The Affiliate Booster Theme license is valid for one year from the date you buy it.
All the theme licenses are available with the yearly plan. You can use the theme for a year after purchasing it to get support and updates.
If you do not renew the license before it expires, you can still use the theme. But you will not receive support or new updates for the theme.

Is it necessary to use both the Affiliate Booster Theme and the plugin?

You are not required to use both of them at the same time because they serve different purposes.
Affiliate Booster is a WordPress theme. Suppose you want to use a different WordPress theme. You can still use the Affiliate Booster Plugin via Gutenberg Blocks.
And there is no issue if you want to use the Affiliate Booster theme. And don’t want to use the Affiliate Booster Plugin.
You can use the Affiliate Booster theme while creating pages with Elementor. Also, WordPress Classic Editor or even Gutenberg blocks without using Affiliate Booster blocks.

Can we use the Affiliate Booster Plugin with a classic editor?

No, you can’t use the Affiliate Booster plugin with WordPress classic editor.
It is a Gutenberg plugin to use only with the Gutenberg editor, also known as the block editor in WordPress.

What is the refund policy of the affiliate booster theme?

Currently, they have a 48-hour refund policy.
So, use this affiliate booster theme and plugin and make some decisions within the next 48 hours.
If you are not satisfied, they would immediately process the return.
They do not offer refunds after 48 hours under any circumstances.
They process your refund after cancelling your service and cancelling your licensing keys.
Once they canceled it, it takes at least five to seven days to receive your item for your return to process.
It may take 1-2 billing cycles for refunds to appear on your credit card account.
But it depends on your credit card company when your refund process, and you will also notify by email.


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