There are plenty of content marketing tools and services out there, aiming for your attention (and your wallet).

But which are the right ones?

Which content marketing tool provides the most value for your money and can help you get the job done quickly and effectively?

In this informative article, we are going to help you answer these questions.

You’ll find tools to support you in every step of the content marketing process, from helping you begin a blog to creating content to organizing content and many more.

Let’s get started now.

1. Google Docs

Offering excellent simplicity and usability for designing, editing, and (with Google Drive) saving the content, Google Docs is a highly used tool for small and big content marketers.

Google Docs login

How Much Does Google Docs Cost?

It’s free of cost for personal users.

Google Docs is included in Google’s Business G Suite and is available in three pricing plans (per user):

  • Basic: $6/month 
  • Business: $12/month  
  • Enterprise: $25/month  

Discounts are available for annual purchases.

Standout Features of Google Docs

Google Docs is a web-based word processor that allows you to create and edit your content effortlessly across devices.

You can conveniently and efficiently format and style text, add links and images and work together remotely on documents with friends, colleagues, and clients in real-time.

All of the modifications are automatically saved when you type, with links to previous versions across revision history.

Quick Takeaway

This easy-to-use word processor provides “work anytime” accessibility to produce excellent content (even offline using the Google Chrome browser) as well as optimized cloud storage on Google Drive and real-time document collaboration.

Best of all, it’s available for free.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo’s powerful research tools help you see what readers in your niche are searching for and engaging with and offer insight into creating a successful content marketing strategy.

BuzzSumo pricing

How Much Does It Cost to BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is available in four pricing plans, all delivered with a 7-day free trial:

  • Pro: $99 a month 
  • Plus: $179 a month
  • Big: $299 a month
  • Enterprise: $499+ a month

Discounts are available for annual purchases.

BuzzSumo Standout Features

Search for words or phrases and easily find content that fits well.

Identify the influencers of every topic or domain. Track feedback and trends so that you can respond quickly and catch opportunities.

Quick Takeaway

This vital tool supports any level of content, strategic planning, from initial niche and tribe research, getting content ideas and headline inspiration for your posts.

And keeping track of critical players’ trends and actions almost in any niche.

3. HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

If you ever find yourself falling low on fresh new content ideas for your editorial calendar, you’ve been covered by the HubSpot blog ideas generator.

hubspot login

How Much Does HubSpot Cost?

The HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator is a free tool. You can get five blog ideas without an account, but to get more (up to 250), you’ll need to sign up.

Standout Features from the HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

You can go big, enter only one keyword, or get more accurate and precise by entering up to 5 nouns in the Generator Search field. You will get Ideas in seconds.

Quick Takeaway

The HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator helps you to suggest new topics for your content calendar easily.

Also worth exploring is AnswerThePublic (free or Pro) that offers a slightly different (and more visual) approach to creating content ideas, based on a question and answer format.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers three powerful SEO research tools with one interface, helping you know how your competitors are obtaining high rankings — and what you need to do to surpass them.

Ahrefs Login

How Much Does Ahrefs Cost?

You will get a 7-day trial for $7. After that, Ahrefs is available in four price plans:

  • Lite: $99 a month
  • Standard: $179 a month
  • Advanced: $399 a month 
  • Agency: $999 a month 

You will get a discount of additional two months free of cost on your yearly purchases.

Standout Features of Ahrefs

Through its different SEO and keyword research tools, Ahrefs lets you obtain a full SEO profile of your competitors’ websites and your website.

It includes the characteristics of the snippets they own and the keywords they rank (and you don’t).

You will see which pages have the most search engine traffic, which has the most backlinks and social shares, and which websites link to the target site.

Quick Takeaway

See the exact keywords the competitors are ranking within an organic search.

Analyze the scale and consistency of their backlinks. They are using the information to do better.

5. Evernote

This feature-rich, multi-device, note-taking application gives a convenient, searchable container for all of your notes, ideas, summaries, and reminders.

Evernote app

How Much Does it Cost to Evernote?

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Premium plan: $7.99 a month
  • Business plan: $14.99 a month

Note: Premium plans provide extra functionality and features.

Standout Features of Evernote

With Evernote, you can make notes with rich text formatting and checkbox to-do lists.

The clip from the web; add voice memos; and add PDFs, receipts, files, and documents.

You can also plan and organize information by date, title, or label, and the powerful search feature of the app also recognizes text in photos and handwritten notes.

Quick Takeaway

More than just a note-taking app, Evernote lets you store everything you need in one place and ensure that all your notes, lists, and clips are secured, organized, and easily accessible.

6. Trello

Trello uses boards, lists, and cards to provide individuals and teams with a simple but highly visual and scalable project management platform.

Trello login

How Much Does Trello Cost?

  • Personal: free of cost.
  • Business Class Plan: $12.50 a month (or $9.99 if billed annually).
  • Enterprise Plan: $20.83 a month for up to 300 users.

Note: Paid plans provide extra functionality and features.

Standout Features of Trello

Trello blends drag-and-drop usability with excellent flexibility and transparency on project progress.

Create as many projects and lists as you want, and organize the project in any manner that suits your needs.

Quick Takeaway

Trello allows you to organize projects of any scale.

Checklists, due dates, and calendar layout (or iCal integration) help ensure that deadlines are met.

Additional features, such as third-party integrations and collaboration tools for bigger teams, are available in the form of paid plans.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular and feature-rich grammar checker that helps keep your writing free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

Grammarly free

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

  • Basic checker: free of cost
  • Premium (advanced writing suggestions): $11.99 per month paid annually
  • Business (for teams): $12.50 / month / member paid annually

Standout Features of Grammarly

Clear, easy-to-use, and customizable to your writing goals (academic, conversational, and so on.), Grammarly is an incredibly flexible checker.

It performs nearly everywhere you write — in your browser (e.g., Google Chrome, social media posts), as a desktop app, smartphone app, and in MS Office.

Grammarly is the most popular and best tool for writing.

The free version will pick up typos and simple grammatical mistakes—Grammarly Premium checks for better sentence structure, writing tone, plagiarism, and more.

Quick Takeaway

As a content marketer, the very last thing you want to see is spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in your writing.

This powerful and flexible grammar checker allows us to eliminate them.

8. Headline CoSchedule Analyzer

Fast and convenient to use, the CoSchedule Free Header Analyzer lets you write successful headlines for your article.

coschedule headline analyzer

How Much Does It Cost?

Free to use, in return for contact information.

Standout Features of CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

It Gives the headline a percentage score based on the overall composition, grammar, and readability assessment. Also, it includes specific suggestions as well as a long-term analysis.

Quick Takeaway

You can Craft headlines that will generate more clicks with this in-depth article analyzer.

You’ll also have a glimpse of how the headline appears in Google Search Results and Email Subject Line.

9. Pexels

Let your post stand out with Pexel immense resource of high-resolution images and videos that you can use everywhere into your site and social account, for free.

pexels stock photos

How Much Does Pexels Cost?

Free for personal and commercial use.

Standout Features of Pexels

Download your preferred images directly without creating an account on the platform.

If you have a (free) account profile, you can “like” pictures, follow photographers and curate photo collections.

Search for any keyword to get the image you need easily and quickly; with the “Discover” feature, you can effortlessly search for existing groups and suggestions.

Quick Takeaway

Pexels will help you to find the right image and video for any piece of content.

Or, if you want a bit extra on the artsy side, you can also try Unsplash.

Both platforms provide thousands of high-quality images that are free for commercial or personal use.

10. Piktochart

If you have no design experience?

No issue at all. Create eye-catching infographics, social media images, posters, flyers, and more with Piktochart.

Piktochart login

How Much Does It Cost to Piktochart?

There are three plans available:

  • Free (limited feature)
  • Pro: $24.17 a month (billed annually)
  • Pro Team: $82.50 a month (billed annually) for five users. 

Standout Features of Piktochart

Hundreds of professionally built templates are here to help you get started. 

Use a quick drag-and-drop builder to edit font styles and colors and add your text.

Also, fully customized and interactive charts and maps, as well as thousands of free icons and photos, help you say your story entirely and effectively.

Quick Takeaway

Piktochart allows you to maximize your engagement with stunning visual content, even though you don’t have design experience.

And Piktochart infographics are entirely searchable for optimized SEO to help you explore your content.

11. Canva

Design incredible “image with text” headers for your blog and social media posts using Canva‘s powerful and easy-to-use graphic design platform.

Canva login

How Much Does It Cost to Canva?

  • Canva is available for free.
  • Canva Pro is available at $9.99 a month billed annually, or $12.99 per month paid monthly. 

Standout Features of Canva

Drag-and-drop editing functionality and thousands of image templates give excellent design flexibility and efficiency to produce high-quality visuals for your marketing campaigns.

You will also share content directly on different social channels.

Quick Takeaway

Canva provides a multi-faceted online design platform with no watermarking and tons of templates and images to get the look and format you would like — With Canva, no Photoshop skills required.

12. Loom

Loom provides a combining face and screen video recording with audio.

It makes it simple to create instant, personal videos ready for sharing through emails, social media channels, YouTube, either as embedded videos on your website.


How Much Does It Cost?

  • Basic: provided for free (access to 25 videos)
  • Pro Plan: Offers $8 per month if billed annually, and $10 per month if billed monthly.

Standout Features of Loom

Versatile and easy to use, Loom is available on Windows, Mac, iOS platforms, and through a Chrome extension.

Pro allows you access to unlimited videos and perhaps drawing tools and mouse accents; HD (on Mac); able to insert buttons, links, and files to videos; and analytics.

Quick Takeaway

The Loom is allowed with no watermarks or restrictions on how long you record or how many videos you create.

Loom’s ease of use and reasonable prices put the engaging ability of personalized, conversational video far beyond the reach of all content marketers.

13. Wordable

With Wordable, you can write your posts to Google Docs and then take them to WordPress with a single click — not even any copy & pasting or re-formatting work needed in the WordPress editor.


How Much Does It Cost?

  • Solo Plan (1 user, 1 WordPress site): $19/month, $190/year
  • Pro Plan (5 members, 5 WordPress sites) $49 a month, $490 a year.
  • Pro Plus Plan (25 users, 25 WordPress sites): $99 a month, $990 a year

There is a free trial offer and unlimited exports for all plans.

Standout Features of Wordable

It helps to export the Google Docs complete formatting to WordPress, including header tags, images, and even columns.

Seamlessly integrates into a collaborative workflow: write like you usually do, and work together with the team inside Google Docs.

Quick Takeaway

Wordable saves an extensive amount of time — no more copying, pasting, and then re-formatting the WordPress posts.

14. Convert Pro

Easy-to-use, quick, robust, and mobile-friendly, Convert Pro is a powerful WordPress program that allows you to convert your website traffic into email leads.

Convert Pro

How Much Does it Cost to Convert Pro?

  • Convert Pro only: $99/year or $399 for a lifetime
  • Agency Plan (Convert Pro plus an additional set of tools, along with Astra Pro and Schema Pro): $249 a year or $699 for a lifetime.

In all cases, the license is intended for use on an unlimited number of websites.

Standout Features of Convert Pro

Convert Pro Drag & Drop Editor made it simple to place text, images, and other elements.

Various font, color, style, and shape variations allow you to customize all design aspects. Extensive A/B testing will enable you to optimize your content.

Quick Takeaway

Convert Pro provides a perfect and feature-rich set of lead generation tools.

It provides multi-step calls to action, on-click, exit-intent popups, page-level aiming, and more (like geo-location targeting) to help you grow your list.

15. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is the best wordpress plugin that helps you to fully customize your share buttons for social media to improve social sharing and engagement.

Social Warfare wordpress plugin

How Much Does Social Warfare Cost?

  • Social warfare: free of cost
  • Social Warfare Pro plan: Single Site $29  
  • Up to five sites $89
  • Up to 10 sites $139
  • Unlimited: $349

All the licenses are billed annually, with an automatic 30 percent renewal discount.

Standout Features of Social Warfare

More than 5,000 possible design variations to suit the social media buttons on your website.

The controls are quick loading; you can place it anywhere and are fully responsive to any device and screen size.

Quick Takeaway

Social Warfare is an innovative social share plugin that provides buttons for all top social media platforms.

“click to tweet” quotes, and content security through the Frame Buster plugin that stops users from inserting their call to action.

16. Buffer Publish

Buffer is a widely used social media scheduling platform that provides a simple and easy-to-use dashboard and targeted post and advanced calendar scheduling so that you can consistently manage, effectively, and efficiently with your social media marketing.

buffer login

How Much Does It Cost to Buffer Publish?

Buffer Publish is available in three paid plans, billed on a monthly or annual basis, as well as in a free program:

  • The free plan offers three social accounts, ten scheduled posts at a time for a single user.
  • Pro: 8 social accounts, 100 scheduled posts, one user for $25 a month or $144 if billed annually
  • Premium plan: 8 social accounts, 2,000 scheduled posts, two users $65 a month or $663 if paid annually
  • Business plan: 25 social accounts, 2,000 scheduled posts, six users for $99 a month or $1,010 if billed annually

All plans are available for a 14-day free trial.

Standout Features of Buffer Publish

When you insert a URL, you will automatically see how the post would appear in the social media channels you’ve linked.

It’s simple to customize post content for the various social media channels. Available integrations ensure the content is treated effectively.

Quick Takeaway

Buffer Publish facilitates powerful and effective social media marketing with additional brand-building capacity delivered by Buffer Response, social listening, and engagement, and Buffer assesses an in-depth analytics tool.

Remember: Hootsuite is another dominant player in the social media management zone. Depending on the specific interests, this is another decent choice.

17. MailerLite

MailerLite is a unique email marketing tool that makes it easy for a newbie to design beautiful landing pages, opt-in forms, and an emails to develop and serve their list.

mailerlite login

How Much Does It Cost to MailerLite?

MailerLite is available for free for up to 1,000 subscribers.

The free plan helps you create landing pages and start mailing your first 1,000 subscribers but lacks live chat support, free newsletter templates, and other features.

Premium packages start at $10 per month, up to 1,000 subscribers, growing in increments per subscriber. Premium plans include added features and unlimited emails a month.

Standout Features of MailerLite

Easy to use drag-and-drop builder to create striking emails and landing pages with a wide variety of responsive inspiration templates.

You can also use A/B testing for up to 5 landing pages, and auto-send messages to those non-openers with a different subject line, new content, or personal statement added.

Quick Takeaway

MailerLite makes things easy but gives various in-app aid, valuable features, and digital marketing tips.

Makes it perfect for small companies and sole entrepreneurs, the free plan allows you to get started at a minimum price.

Although there, of course, a lot of service providers in this domain.

More data-hungry marketing teams might like to try out tools such as MailChimp or GetResponse, or this next tool we’ll explore.

18. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an effortless email service provider that hits hard but keeps it easy to understand with features designed especially to meet marketers and bloggers’ needs.

ConvertKit pricing

How Much Does It Cost to ConvertKit?

Free plan: Helps you to start building your list with Landing Pages and Forms. You may send an email broadcasts of up to 1,000 subscribers.

Paid Plan: Opens up all ConvertKit features, starting from $29 per month up to 1,000 subscribers, increasing prices in increments to unlimited subscribers.

You’re going to get 12 months for the price of 10 as you bill annually.

Standout Features of ConvertKit

Simplifies email marketing by integrating efficient marketing automation with a user-friendly interface.

While creating email sequences, it’s good to move between sequencing and editing in a single-window — no clicking in or out of various pages.

It is also easy to choose recipients for broadcast emails through the segment, tag, or other custom fields for email marketing campaigns.

Quick Takeaway

Suppose you’re a digital marketer or blogger looking to create highly comprehensive emails.

In that case, ConvertKit can be the perfect email service provider for you — it makes it simple with nothing but the features you need to build and market on your list.

19. Hunter

Hunter helps you find contact information for the right person to email for sales, link requests, and more; Hunter is an incredibly useful tool for lead generation and outreach online marketing.

Hunter email

How Much Does It Cost to Hunter?

  • Free plan: 50 requests a month
  • Starter: 1,000 requests for $49 a month
  • Growth: 5,000 requests for $99 a month
  • Pro: 20,000 requests for $199 a month
  • Enterprise: 50,000 requests for $399 / month

Discounts offer available on all the above plans if you go with a yearly payment option.

Standout Features of Hunter

Hunter makes domain searches quite instant is a Chrome extension (displayed in the screenshot above).

Gets not only email addresses but also the person’s role in the company, helping you find the most suitable recipient for your outreach.

Quick Takeaway

This user-friendly marketing tool finds and validates professional emails instantly, allowing you to rapidly and efficiently collect useful lead generation data, such as information from LinkedIn profiles.

20. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is the most popular platform.

With the help of BuzzStream, you can do all the outreach like research prospects, find email addresses, send out outreach emails, automate follow-ups, and measure your performance in one CMS (content management system).


How Much Does It Cost to BuzzStream?

  • Starter: 1 user, 1,000 contacts, $24 a month
  • Group: 3 users, 25.000 contacts, $99 a month
  • Professional: 6 users, 100,000 contacts, $299 a month
  • Custom: 15+ users, 300,000+ contacts, $999 per month starting 

All of the plans offer a free trial period.

Premium plans include extra features. You have one more month free if you billed annually.

Standout Features of BuzzStream

BuzzStream’s Discovery tool makes it easier to locate influencers and essential bloggers in your niche.

With the BuzzMarker Chrome plugin, you can connect your websites, users, and links to your BuzzStream account with just one click.

Quick Takeaway

BuzzStream makes outreach even quicker and more efficient when you’re proficient on the platform than doing it manually.

It is incredibly useful when you’re doing outreach at scale.

21. Google Analytics

See where your traffic comes from, which keywords are your top performers, which of your pages are the most popular, how much time visitors spend on your website, and more with Google Analytics.

And you can do it in real-time, absolutely free.

Google Analytics is the most popular and widely used tool in comparison to all the tool.

How Much Does It Cost to Google Analytics?

It is indeed free. An enterprise version is also available, Google Analytics 360, with advanced features.

Standout Features of Google Analytics

It gives a wide range of standard dashboards includes insight into all key aspects of website performance and online marketing.

It provides the ability to customize dashboards for the visualization of specific data.

Provides more accurate data to guide website optimization and business growth.

Quick Takeaway

This cloud-based analytics platform allows companies of all sizes to understand how visitors discover and use websites.

And then, based on real-time data, we can take action to improve site performance and inbound tactics.

Which are the Content Marketing Tools are Your Favorite Ones?

And you’ve got it there—our choices for the 21 best content marketing tools in 2020. Almost all of the tools we have provided offer either an entirely free or a free trial period.

And now, you can try it out at less to no cost. Which are your favorites tool? If we left out any tools that you love using? Let us know in the comments.

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