Are you looking for a royalty free public domain and CC0-licensed image for your blog post?

Using high-quality images for your website will improve the level of engagement of your visitors.

In this article, we’ll show you 16 awesome websites where you can find free public domains and CC0-Licensed images you can use anywhere you want to use for a blog post or social post.

Why Do We Use Free Public Domain Images or CC0-Licensed Images?

All images on the website are copyright protected.

Even if copyright is not stated, you can presume that it is. And the use of these images without authorization is illegal.

Although you can purchase high-quality, royalty-free images from stock photo platforms like Shutterstock, the thing is not everyone has a budget to buy licensed photos and videos.

That’s why images of a public domain and a CC0 license prove useful.

Public domain is the term used to identify works whose permissions have expired or works explicitly published without restriction about their use.

CC0 is a license that permits copyright owners to release their works without any restrictions.

Images under public domain or CC0-License anyone can use for any reason.

As a website owner, you can use these images in your blog posts, featured images, sliders, image galleries, backgrounds, and practically everywhere else you need.

 Let’s look at a few of the best-curated sites for free public domain or CC0-licensed images.

1. Pexels

Pexels photo

Pexels is the most well-organized and complete set of public domain images.

You can browse pictures listed under categories or use their search engine. All Pexels images are free to use without any attribution restrictions.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash photos

Unsplash is a top-rated destination for high-quality CC0-Licensed images.

The platform is publishing ten pictures every ten days.

It has a fun search feature that you can use to search for graphics that fit similar themes like nature, workplace, work, and much more.

3. Negative Space

NegativeSpace photos

Negative Space is a wonderfully curated set of CC0 licensed photographs for bloggers, designers, and small businesses.

It has a convenient-to-use search feature, and you can also browse images with tags and colors.

4. Public Domain Pictures

Public domain pictures

Public Domain Pictures provides free high-quality images, visuals, and vectors for download.

Photos are categorized into simple browsing sections.

5. New Old Stock

New old stock

As its name suggests, this website contains a stunning collection of historical images in the public domain.

6. Pixabay

Pixabay free images

Pixabay has a wide selection of free pictures. The platform is updated continuously, so you’ll find fresh and less-used images.

7. My Stock Photos

My Stock Photos

My Stock photos is an excellent collection of more than 500 free stock pictures for blogs.

Images are precisely grouped in categories and you can easily download those high-resolution images.

8. Pickup Image

pickup image

Pickup Image offers an extensive collection of images from the public domain.

You can quickly browse through tags, or you can try the search. It also provides free clipart and graphics.

9. SplitShire


SplitShire is a stunning collection of photographs by Daniel Nanescu, published under the CC0-License.

You can quickly browse the site, including tags, filters, or view photos in the mosaic view.

10. The British Library

The British Library

The British Library’s Flickr site shows over a million images, drawings, and works drawn from books of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

All of these works are published under the CC0-license, and it is available for all to use anywhere without restrictions.

11. LibreShot


LibreShot includes works of photographer Martin Vorel, published within the public domain, So you can grab free stock images using this platform for your use.    

12. PDPics


PDPicks is a collection of free public domain stock images. And there’s a vast range of thousands of public domain images that you can use and include in your blog posts.

13. Reusable Art

Reusable Art

Reusable art is a platform that provides a collection of more than 3000 vintage art, illustrations, and masterpieces.

All works shown on the website are available for free under the public domain.

14. Skitterphoto

Skitter photo

Skitterphoto site offers a perfectly curated collection of CC0-Licensed images.

The site features works by their photographers so that you can discover less-used and exclusive pictures.


StockSnap is a solution for stunning available-stock pictures for free where hundreds of images are added weekly.

16. Barn Images


Barn Images is a massive set of CC0 licensed images.

You can browse pictures in categories or tags, or you can search for keywords. All photos are available for free download in high resolution.

Final Thoughts: Best Stock Images Website

Although the above websites offer a wide variety of free images, readers sometimes ask us to get our beautiful-looking images for our thumbnails/blog featured images.

We are using Shutter stock because it offers us an extensive library of quality images, vectors, and illustrations.

Whatever stock pictures site you use, it is always essential to save your web-optimized images so that your site is still loaded faster.

We hope this article has helped you find the right free public domain and CC0-Licensed images for your website and social account.

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