How do you promote your blog?

The issue most advertisers are dealing with is a good question.

And yet, people like Joseph Jaffe are suggesting spending 90% of their time promoting the blog they wrote over the other 10% of their day.

Let it happen: Joseph suggests each hour you write you spend 54 minutes promoting your blog.

  • Try to write quality content that is extremely useful to your audience.
  • Work to grow your email list and promote your products and services to thousands of new people.
  • Focus on activities that generate ten times greater growth for your company

So, it makes complete sense that Joseph advice: promote your blog and make the most of the work you do to produce excellent content.

I am writing this post because we need to develop it is a broad field.

We have written great blog posts, but we should do a lot more to promote them.

But I did not find many ideas when I started researching the topic “how to promote your blog,” along with actionable and useful tips that would help us find the best strategies for blog promotion for us.

I decided to share this survey with you so that you can better promote your blog than ever before.

Take this post as a guide about “choosing your adventure,” as I did while writing it.

It aims to encourage new ideas, experiments with new blog promotion tactics, and increasing your blog traffic.

You may not have to try all of them, but here’s the world’s most extended list of how to promote your blog.

Table Of Contents
  1. Tips to Grow Your Blog with an Email Marketing Blog
    1. Build Your Email List
    2. Send Your Emails to Open and Click at Best Times
  2. How to Use Your Blog to Promote Your Community
    1. Participate in Aggregate Sites and Communities that Vote
    2. Answer the Questions Within the Forums with Your Blog Posts
    3. Get Your Social Bookmarking Sites
  3. How To Promote Blog On Social Media
    1. Share Your Content in Many Places
    2. Includes your blog link in your social media profiles
    3. Share Your Social Network Posts When You Publish Them
    4. Share Your Latest Posts More Than Once
  4. How to Promote Your Blog with Twitter
    1. Tweet at the Best of Times
    2. Using Hashtags to Reach a Wider Audience
  5. How to Use the Facebook to Promote Your Blog
    1. Best Time to Deliver Post
    2. Write the Appropriate Number of Times a Day
    3. Use Facebook to Entertain Your Audience
    4. Use Popular Hashtags to Boost Your Reach
  6. How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Blog
    1. Post on LinkedIn at the Best Time Possible
    2. Share the Optimal Number of Posts per Day
    3. Promote Your Blog to Your LinkedIn Group
  7. How to Promote Your Blog With Pinterest
    1. Pin in the Best of Times
    2. Pin Many Times a Day
    3. Write Down the Engaging Pin Description to Inspire Clicks
    4. Increase the Number of Followers of Pinterest Group Boards
  8. Grow Your Blog With Automated Content Pushes
    1. Set Up Your RSS Feed and Let Your Audience Know
    2. Using the Push Notification to Reach to Your Mobile Audience
  9. How to Use Outreach and Associations to Promote your Blog
    1. Share your Blog Posts with People Who Share Similar Content
  10. How to Promote Your Blog with Paid Advertising
    1. Using Remarketing to Re-engage 84% of Your Visitors
    2. Promote Blog Posts with Suggested Content Ads
  11. How to Use SEO to Help Promote Your Blog
    1. Pick One Keyword for a Blog Post to Boost Your Ranking
    2. Optimize the Keyword for Your Articles
    3. Focus on Link Building

Tips to Grow Your Blog with an Email Marketing Blog

Build Your Email List

Start building your email list and prioritizing it.

It is the best way to turn organic traffic into engaged readers that continuously see the exciting stuff that you post and keep coming back to your blog.

It is a stunningly vicious cycle to create your email list. When an article goes live, you get subscribers, email them, they read it and then share it with others. Then those people subscribe, and the cycle continues delightfully.

Send Your Emails to Open and Click at Best Times

MailChimp performed an exciting study when its email marketing software incorporated a time-saving feature.

Essentially, when there is intense activity in the recipient inbox, they needed to know the best days and times to send emails.

To do so, they researched billions (yes, actually) of people’s inbox activity, so these are exciting things:

John, from MailChimp, points out that no day ever wins, but there is undoubtedly a trend: working days work best for email promotion of your posts.

And it seems to me that on Tuesdays and Thursdays there are small peaks.

The best time for sending emails is at 10 am in your local time zone.

John points out that the highest here is less than 7 percent of full inboxes, so at a time when people regularly check their emails, there is a lot of options.

And it gets much more varied, with some peak hours before 10 am, depending on your industry.

How to Use Your Blog to Promote Your Community

Participate in Aggregate Sites and Communities that Vote

If you have never heard of aggregate sites before, use them as a place to get information from a variety of different sources about a specific topic.

It is on these sites where you will be able to share your content and other amazing things in your niche to support your community with similar interests.

The positive aspect of voting for these groups takes on a social role, allowing users of the website to tell it is good or bad.

It is an excellent way of keeping the community healthy.

Here are some places to promote your blog:

Reddit: The iconic front page of the Internet will undoubtedly be there for every topic and your niche.

BizSugar: Small Business marketing, financing, management, technology and startups.

Product Hunt: new product content.

Hacker News: Startup and computer science.

DataTau: Information on data science.

Lobsters: technology content.

Triberr:   Blogging inbound and content marketing.

Growth hackers: startup content and disruptive marketing.

Answer the Questions Within the Forums with Your Blog Posts

Marketing experts are talking all the time about solving the problems that people have.

There are forums primarily dedicated to helping people ask questions, where they can get expert advice as answers.

What a great way to communicate directly with your audience, provide more detailed solutions about your experience, and link to your blog!

Quora is a popular platform that marketers love, but there will probably be some that are even more relevant to your industry.

I used to work in wholesale electric distribution, for example, and one of our audiences was hired for electricity: your electrician.

To that end, there is a forum.

Probably. And it is a super-electric expert, making it an excellent place for wholesalers to get in touch with product tips for their target audience on the super niche.

With a little research and your friend, Google, you can do that too. With this algorithm simply search forums in your niche:

“Intitle: forum” + [Keyword for your niche]

That is how I feel when I try to find bloggers’ forums:


No more excuses. I bet there is already a niche platform for you. Or you can boost your niche site, and launch it.

bbpress is a WordPress forum software that you can use to get started right now.

Get Your Social Bookmarking Sites

Some people prefer content need to found through famous social bookmarking sites.

To help people interested in a specific topic, discover your posts, you can register so that the content of your blog is available on these sites:

  • AllTop: Countless categories exist, one for your niche. Just submit your blog to a new target audience for spreading your content.
  • StumbleUpon: To help people discover your content, add your blog to the correct category. Like AllTop, you can submit a blog to StumbleUpon to search after you register.
  • Digg: This information is the most commented on the Internet. Submit a blog

How To Promote Blog On Social Media

Share Your Content in Many Places

Desmond Chua wrote a post-ReferralCandy blog which received the best advice from the industry’s influential people.

I loved James Clear’s easy concept of:

If you are making a lot of effort to create good content, then make a favour of yourself and share it, re-publish it and pitch it to more places. Great content deserves sharing with more people, and sharing it in more ways is the best way to do that.

The possibilities are almost infinite when you apply that thought to social networks, but there are undoubtedly great ones you would not want to miss:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram

I just read a post from Olsy Sorokina about an easy tip that works well on any social network: see your social profile and make sure you have got a link to your blog!

This concept works incredibly well if you share content on Instagram because it is not possible to provide a link from the messages itself to your blog posts.

So, a trick I have seen includes posting an exciting graphic of your article and mentioning that your profile contains the link to the post.

Hey, if it works for Instagram, why not have at least one link in all your social profiles to your blog’s homepage, including asking the entire team to do so in the personal profiles they use for business?

Share Your Social Network Posts When You Publish Them

It is an easy way to boost your social media schedule.

When you publish your blog posts, please share them in all your company’s social accounts, as well as in the private group or account that you use for your business.

The more retweets, likes and immediate actions you get, the more credibility the post will earn, so starting to share appropriate when you publish is a great way to encourage even more activity.

Some people in your audience will follow you around on their different social profiles.

Then, instead of just sending out all the messages with the title of your post, keep changing to optimize each message for your various social networks.

Share Your Latest Posts More Than Once

You can just share your blog post on all your networks when you publish it and rate it as well.

Research shows, however, that when you share your content more than once on social networks, it can increase traffic by 3,150%

Here’s how to do this:

  • When you post: schedule various messages for all your social networks to draw immediate interest.
  • On the same day: it is perfectly acceptable to share more than once a day with some social networks. I like to take this opportunity to try A / B on a variety of headlines to see what is the most significant commitment, and then simply change the titles of my post accordingly.
  • The next day: share your post a few more times.
  • Three days later: get a few more actions with different messages and graphics in your post.
  • A week after: keep inbound with a few more social messages, use your social analysis to help you know which messages have been the most effective so far.
  • Two weeks later: again, keep the traffic with a few more reminder messages.

How to Promote Your Blog with Twitter

Tweet at the Best of Times

Sproutsocial has described the best time to post on social media and found some ways of making each tweet a little more attractive:

  • Wednesdays from 12 pm and 5 pm. It is at 6 pm.
  • Monday to Friday from 12–3 pm and 5 pm.
  • Every day of the week from 2–3 am to 6–7 pm and 9–10 pm.

Using Hashtags to Reach a Wider Audience

You can get on the trend hashtags you find next to your Twitter feed, or you can easily search for famous people to share similar content in your niche.

The most popular hashtags have a lot of tweets that use that hashtag, so your tweet life is relatively short, and you can only use hashtags that make sense in the context of your blog posts.

What makes sense most of the time is to find and use a hashtag that complements the content, a hashtag that people can use to find their things directly.

There are several tools that you can use to help find relevant hashtags for tweets that you can use to promote your blog posts: helps you find relevant hashtags for your industry.

Hashtagify helps to find the best hashtags for Twitter and Instagram.

Twitonomy helps you discover the data behind your hashtags, and you can also get a hashtag search analysis that will help you identify those that have the most incredible opportunity to achieve the most traffic.

You are using one or two hashtags per tweet to boost your engagement by 21%.

How to Use the Facebook to Promote Your Blog

Best Time to Deliver Post

Ten different studies have found that posting on Facebook later in the week and on weekends is ideally the best way to improve your Facebook engagement.

  • Saturdays to Sundays from 12 pm to 1 pm.
  • Thursday at 13:00 am.
  • Wednesday at 3.00 pm.

Write the Appropriate Number of Times a Day

We are currently researching how many times to post on Facebook every day to get the most exposure for your hard work.

Based on the data available at this time, I recommend sharing a Facebook post every day and sharing two posts a day if you have more than 10,000 followers.

Use Facebook to Entertain Your Audience

If you are promoting a fun blog post, Facebook is the ideal network to feed your referral traffic.

Facebook users want to have fun, so make your messages funny, encouraging, cause-related, or super useful.

Posts with less than 100 characters, including emotional looks, seem to perform well.

Including videos to be displayed in fan news feeds.

When it comes to Facebook, hashtags are used to identify your content for discovery.

It makes sense, therefore, to know what is popular right now, to follow the trend that already draws attention.

You can find popular Facebook hashtags by opening your feed and checking the right side.

There is a widget called “Trends” where you can see the three most popular hashtags.

If you click, you will see a variety of categories and more popular hashtags will appear.

Digital Information World data shows that 1 to 2 hashtags per Facebook post appear to have the most interactions.

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Blog

Post on LinkedIn at the Best Time Possible

Since LinkedIn is typically a professional social network, it makes sense to be busier during the week all through breaks and just before and after work.

  • Tuesday from 10 to 11 am.
  • From Tuesday to Thursday, 7:30 am, 8:30 am, noon, and 5:00 pm 6:00 pm.

Share the Optimal Number of Posts per Day

The survey indicates that LinkedIn is more involved during the workweek.

Therefore, maintaining your presence during the usual Monday through Friday makes sense, and that precisely what we found when we evaluate the ideal number of times to share on LinkedIn every day.

Write on LinkedIn four days a week, and almost every day of the week.

You should combine that information with what you have found about the best time to post on LinkedIn and forget to post on Fridays.

Promote Your Blog to Your LinkedIn Group

You can set up a LinkedIn group to help you engage with colleagues, members of your audience, or even your current clients.

Just as you would use the Facebook group, you can ask questions and get feedback to turn your ideas into great content.

If they inspire impressive posts, share them with your LinkedIn group.

How to Promote Your Blog With Pinterest

Pin in the Best of Times

Pinners are active outside business hours and weekends. It makes sense, is not it? Then, Pin later in the week, particularly on Saturday night.

  • Saturdays from 8:00 pm to 11 pm
  • Every day from 2:00 pm to 2:00 pm
  • Friday at 3:00 pm

Pin Many Times a Day

The frequency of everyday posts is one of the most discussed topics about the frequency with which they are published on social networks.

Some say that Pinning is only four times a day, while others recommend it 30 times a day.

Write Down the Engaging Pin Description to Inspire Clicks

Pinterest is another type of network, almost like a search engine.

Include keywords in your description to help pinners to find their pins and to make them robust.

A longer description of just over 300 characters has the most repins. Buzzfeed concluded that the positive descriptions helped them to get more repins and clicks.

Increase the Number of Followers of Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards are like the groups you see on LinkedIn and Facebook:.

They help build a community around a specific subject, typically with some simple rules to encourage a relationship.

These boards are a great way to share your content with active pinners in a beneficial, topic-centric environment.

The group board can help you:

  • Increase the number of followers.
  • You are more likely to get Repins with more followers. The more people see your content, the more likely you are to get the traffic you are looking for.

Participate in an existing active board with some support from PinGroupie.

Or start by clicking on the “Create a Board” button and “invite” Pinners through the “Invite” button and entering your friends’ names or email addresses or putting them on Twitter or Google+.

Grow Your Blog With Automated Content Pushes

Set Up Your RSS Feed and Let Your Audience Know

Your social audience is likely to follow a lot of different people on their social networks.

But some of the most established members of the public may like to use RSS readers and rank the content they read in their favourite posts.

The good news is that if you are using WordPress.

You already have an RSS feed for your blog posts.

Live for an easy thing!

All you need to do is to add/feed the end of your root domain to your WordPress blog, and you will get your RSS feed.

That is how the RSS URL looks like:


RSS readers like Feedly are excellent ways to discover content, arrange it the way you want it.

In general, never miss a new post from any of the blogs that you follow, and you do not have to visit all the sites just to understand the content.

Using the Push Notification to Reach to Your Mobile Audience

Have you analyzed your analysis to find that the vast majority of your blog post traffic comes from mobile devices?

While sending sensitive emails is a fantastic way to meet your audience on the go, you can also send push notifications to mobile devices that appear on smartphones, just as you see a new message or social event.

Read: How To Create Most Engaging & SEO-Friendly Content In 2021

How to Use Outreach and Associations to Promote your Blog

Share your Blog Posts with People Who Share Similar Content

 Jason Acidre gives the following advice:

Start with the low-hanging fruit — people who have already shared similar content with your competitors. However, it is essential to ensure that the quality of your content matches or exceeds the range of your competitors.

It makes sense, does not it?

If you know certain people who enjoy the content that is close to what you have created, ensure it is in the right hands.

It was better said than done, too.

Well, there are also some ways to find the right people to enjoy your content:

Hashtags: If you are thinking about engaging with people via social networks, take a look at the main keywords used in your posts hashtags on all major social networks.

You will identify people who have previously shared content with these hashtags and contact them with their relevant content.

Moz Open Site Explorer: Enter the URL of your competitor to access the content that links to your website.

Check out the writers who have written this content and have an interaction with them. Some influential people post similar content in their niche, making it a great place to make a connection.

How to Promote Your Blog with Paid Advertising

Using Remarketing to Re-engage 84% of Your Visitors

Essentially, remarking or re-engaging (whatever you want to name it) is to show advertisements to people who have already come to your site.

Remarketing will help you meet 84 per cent of people who have visited your site in 5-10 different places in 10-18 days.

This one is particularly useful to retain visitors who return to your blog, developing trust that allows them to deepen their marketing funnel.

Some of the remarketing resources that can help you get started and that could be worthwhile include Adroll and Marketing360.

I am pretty sure there is more. Tell me what you are wearing and how much you like in the comments.

Promote Blog Posts with Suggested Content Ads

The world’s leading websites use recommendation engines such as Outbrain, Taboola, and Zemanta to sell advertising spaces that recommend content relevant to their readers.


How to Use SEO to Help Promote Your Blog

Pick One Keyword for a Blog Post to Boost Your Ranking

Choosing keywords to target your blog posts is, in my view, one of the most powerful ways to promote your post.

And if you do the right thing, a lot of traffic is captured by itself (at least initially).

The themes are as follows:

  • Strategically, pick a keyword that has a lot of monthly searches, but is easy to rank.
  • Use a tool like Google keyword planner (suggests a lot of great related keywords) and then use Moz’s keyword difficulty tool to show how challenging it actually would be for you to order the phrases.
  • Choose a keyword with less than 50% of the difficulty to begin and optimize from there.
  • Publish an engaging, long blog post that uses the keyword and its variants in the content.
  • Set parameters on your content based on your results as to what applies to you; just know that the data show that immersive and actionable content that reflects on education performs best, with a length of at least 2,000 words.

The article you are reading at the moment has more than 4,000 words, so think about it.

Optimize the Keyword for Your Articles

Brian Dean of Backlinko has published a detailed list of Google’s 200 ranking factors.

While there are many ways to improve your blog.

In general, to help you get more organic traffic from search engines, you can also use their tips to make an SEO checklist to follow before you post:

From the top, use your keyword in the title tag of the article.

Add the keyword to the meta definition.

Include your keyword in the H1 (main title) of your blog post.

Make sure your keyword phrase you use most often in your blog post.

Use your keyword frequently, but keep the density look natural. Google would not want to see spam messages.

Analyze the latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords in your contents.

Use the LSI keywords in the title and meta description of the article, where necessary.

In the first 100 words of your blog post, use the keyword.

Use related keywords in subtitles like H2, H3, H4 to get an image.

And use a keyword in the URL like https:/—here.

Moz has an excellent metaphor for links: they are like votes from other websites that tell search engines that prefer their content.

Another mode of thinking is that links are search engines on the streets that move from one blog to another; hence, the more streets the content hits, the more comfortable it.

Link building works when you post pretty exciting content that people continue to refer to as a reliable source of information.

So when you write your crazy cool blog post, you will publish it to help people find it and ask for help thru the backlinks to give your content the attention it deserves.

For this purpose, Moz points out four techniques to build links for beginners:

Ask your customers to get a link to your blog.

You should extend this to request your partners, investors, and joint marketing associates to link to your content as well.

Post useful, insightful and entertaining contents.

This advice complements the psychology people share.

Create content that encourages viral sharing and natural bonding.

When you post excellent content for your industry, certain links emerge natural way as people find and share your content.

You may also support this marketing tactic by encouraging those in your niche to share their content to extend their reach.

If you publish a new report, results, research or something important, please contact your industry news sources.

Coverage and links to the source will help you create confidence with the bots.


This post has a lot of information.
The purpose is to enable you to find any ideas you can envision and pick the ones that fit best to promote your blog.
Select three content promotion strategies on this list and use them regularly for two weeks.
If you have mastered them, save them and add even more.
Eventually, you are going to start seeing the traffic coming in, and I would love to hear about your success.

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