You are improving your products or services so that your customers want them to be will enhance your brand and generate revenue.

The first step in this direction is to get to know what your customers want. One of the best ways to learn, and that is by online surveys or web surveys.

Online surveys include sending a series of questions to the customers and asking them to answer them.


It allows you to gain valuable insights for your business.

Many companies and businesses use them to receive feedback on customer satisfaction.

It also helps to choose digital marketing strategies, improve the features of existing products, launch new products or services.

Although question and answer sites also allow you to collect useful answers to these questions, Web surveys exceed these in several ways.

You can choose the right audience and encourage them to respond to your surveys through various channels such as social media, email, mobile apps, and websites.

You can also obtain data quickly from a broad customer base at a low cost.

As a result, online surveys have gained a lot of popularity over the years and meet the growing web survey requirements of businesses; several web survey tools are available.

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Some of these also offer features such as pre-written templates, respondents’ targeting, advanced skip logic, A / B test push notification, detailed analytical reports, etc.

Here is a list of 11 best web survey tools for customer research in 2021. 

1. NotifyVisitors Surveys

NotifyVisitors Surveys

NotifyVisitors Surveys is a popular online survey provider. In it, you’ll find a lot of ready-made templates and useful features to create in-depth surveys.

The advanced skip logic helps you to build your survey logically.

For this purpose, it skips irrelevant questions and shows only the relevant items to each participant.

You may also compare two versions of your survey using its A / B test feature.

And once you’ve completed your survey, you can deliver it to the right audience with information such as their reference websites, time spent on them, URL variations, geographic locations, cookies, etc.

You can also make adjustments to your surveys in real-time from your dashboard.

This tool provides you with detailed analytical reports.

2. Google Forms


Google Forms provides easy-to-use, robust, user-friendly, and convenient-to-use customer feedback forms.

Individuals and businesses with a Google Account can use it free of cost.

If you’re looking for uncomplicated surveys, this is your best option.

For example, you get feedback on whether your customers like your products and make them better.

You don’t need any expertise or prior knowledge to use it.

The questions available for use in Google Forms surveys include short answer types, drop-downs, and multiple-choice questions.

Also, if required, you can ask the participants to upload a file to your survey.

It also provides you with a lot of controls, including standard expressions, for your response approval.

And because survey responses are stored automatically in Google Sheets, you can access them at any time.

However, there are two apparent limitations in the use of Google Forms.

The first is that you can randomize queries only if you randomize the questions in the survey.

The second is that you can’t design hierarchical menus or video / image-based queries.

3. JotForm


JotForm is a cost-effective and realistic web survey platform that has been in use since 2006.

It has 7 million users, including small enterprises, large companies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

With its responsive and modern-looking templates, you can create both simple and complex forms.

You can build surveys from scratch, too.

With its infinite customization options and a bundle of integrations, you can build highly scalable and interactive surveys with no coding knowledge.

Its survey content features include multimedia content, questionnaire design support, drag-and-drop editor, translation, live survey updates, etc.

Some of its advanced features include CSS update, conditional formatting, and email and push notification.

Although its starting plan is free, other advanced plans such as the Bronze Plan, the Silver Plan, and the Gold Plan come at a fair price.

Paid plans offer more submissions, more online storage space, more forms, and enhanced form views.

You can get customer service with JotForm 24/7.

4. KwikSurveys


KwikSurveys is another web survey tool providing free and unlimited online surveys, polls, and quizzes, and one of the biggest survey sites with 3 million users.

It provides more than 30 templates for surveys. And its helpful dashboard allows you to create surveys using a sleek drag-and-drop editor easily.

This online survey makers empowers you to reach the right audience with its target criteria.

It also allows you to customize respondent paths using API data, text pipes, and query logic.

You may send your surveys via QR code, website embedding, social media, short links, or email.

Its responsive design allows your respondents to easily access your surveys through their desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

You will collect data from the survey in real-time and go to the immediate analysis.

Its powerful cross-tab and segmentation tools allow you to identify trends in your data.

You can export survey reports in several file formats and other devices.

This survey creator’s drawbacks are that you can not build open-ended questions and customize your business survey.

5. WebEngage


This web survey platform enables you to create attractive and comprehensive surveys with its customization capabilities, logically branched questions, and plug-and-play layouts.

Through this, you can target your audience based on their online customer actions.

You can choose from various esthetically designed templates for numerous types of customer research needs, such as customer satisfaction, cart abandonment, consumer insights, market research, and more.

You can customize your surveys in detail.

You can also make logically branched questions and a variety of response types.

Other useful features include multi-admin support, automatic snapshots, real-time survey adjustments, real-time report generation, searchable report data, etc.

It also gives you the power to pre-set web-based push survey triggers to hit the right audience at the right time.

And as it collects statistics such as the number of survey attempts, the number of survey participants, the comprehensive responses of each participant.

You will gain a deep understanding of your customers ā€™ satisfaction and interests.

6. Confirmit

Confirmit online survey

This web survey was developed exclusively for market research companies and other researchers.

It’s user-friendly, and with it, you can create both easy and complicated surveys.

Even without any technological expertise, you can easily customize your survey.

You should add the level of flexibility that your respondents would be looking for.

It has advanced features such as translating links and adding additional tools.

It provides real-time reports very quickly, whether internal or external. It also allows you to collect data and prepare short reports.

You can even overlook your survey data in the form of charts and tables.

And the easy handling of data extraction layouts simplifies the extraction of raw data.

The only disadvantage is that there is a lack of user interface improvements.

7. SurveySparrow


SurveySparrow is an end to the Conversational Experience Management Platform that helps you achieve a 40% higher response rate.

Trusted by more than 20,000 customers worldwide, SurveySparrow turns your dull customer surveys into stimulating conversations with minimal effort.

You may perform highly attractive and engaging surveys and distribute them efficiently from a website, social media, or email to gather valuable feedback from your customers.

If you never try to turn your visitors into customers using surveys, and this could be an excellent time to try it out.

8. Qualtrics


Qualtrics goes beyond the scope of traditional surveys.

It offers more than 100 types of questions, various templates, and numerous advanced features such as logical branching, email prompts, and the logic view.

Its reporting features are high-end, too.

These include real-time web reports, 30+ graph types, and result exports to SPSS or CSV.

Over 1 billion surveys are conducted annually with the Qualtrics Online Survey Tool.

If you are engaged in multichannel marketing, you can reach respondents through different channels through mobile apps, tablets, chatbots, websites, etc.

You can validate your surveys in real-time and work with them smoothly.

You can also increase the accuracy of your survey with the Expert Analysis.

The built-in stat analysis and predictive intelligence help you gain new insights.

9. HubSpot


HubSpot empowers you to create different types of customer surveys, including the NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey, and the Customer Effort Score (CSE) survey.

You can drive your survey through your email and your website.

The tool offers several formats that you can choose from and apply to your survey.

You get to track those surveys over time so that you can improve the customer experience.

Its cutting-edge feedback widget unfolds the difficulty of collecting quantitative and qualitative feedback.

To organize, visualize, and evaluate the data collected in your dashboard. HubSpot is offering a free version and a paid premium version.

10. Survicate


Survicate helps you create and distribute surveys through various marketing channels such as emails, web applications, mobile applications (in Android and iOS), chatbots, and different website sections.

You can choose predefined surveys from your library.

It has got more than 125 templates.

It also includes dashboarding functionality, customer survey URLs, skips logic, data analysis tools, query branching, image/audio/video support, NPS analysis, etc.

Survicate surveys hit the right customers, the right location, and the right time.

You may also address them with the right user-group-specific questions.

Surveys act like web-based push notification.

These show precisely when users take appropriate actions so that you can collect feedback from the user in real-time.

When users take proper steps to obtain input from the user in real-time, get to know the five best advantages of push notifications.

Survicate has two standalone products, Feedback Platform, and Feedback Button.

The Feedback Center helps you to automatically organize customer feedback obtained from different sources at a single location.

And Feedback Button allows you to collect input from the website easily. Survicate also provides export options for XLS and CSV.

11. Crowdsignal


Earlier known as PollDaddy, Crowdsignal is a web survey tool built-in 2008.

It helps you perform surveys in two different ways ā€“ by inviting respondents through various marketing channels, such as email, social media channels, etc.; and by embedding surveys on your web.

Its interface allows you to build surveys using drag-and-drop methods.

You can either choose from your ready-made templates or design one from scratch. You can also customize the feel and look of your surveys.

It also has other essential features, such as multilingual support, data filters, poll limitations, etc.

You will view the results of the survey in real-time.

And when collecting data, you can review it and share it with Google Docs, PDF, Excel, XML, and CSV.

Surveys are useful tools for customer research that allow you to understand customer needs better.

They are inexpensive, scalable, scalable, and convenient, and easy to use.

Also, data are obtained quickly and have higher response rates than conventional survey methods.

Also, the responses are even more real since they can be answered anonymously.

The use of online surveys is increasing, as many smart marketers prefer to frame knowledgeable marketing strategies.

As a result, various web survey software is being developed and made available across the globe.

We have only identified and described the top eleven of them.

There are still a range of great web survey tools that we have not covered in this post to provide an insightful write-up on the site.

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