What Is Quillbot?

Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool designed to improve the state of natural language processing.

Eventually, it aims to achieve the goal of producing written quality content by a human. 

Quillbot doesn’t have a setup that requires you to install it on your computer. It works with your browser. It is incredibly lightweight and rapidly processes the data.

Quillbot Features

When you start using Quillbot tool you will find that many of Quillbot’s features make writing as painless as possible.

This Quillbot review will have a thorough review of all features.

  • Newbie-friendly Editor: It provides a nice and clean working environment which novices can easily use without any technical background.
  • Web-based: Quillbot is a web-based tool that allows you to access it from anywhere, and use it anytime, even while you’re on the go.
  • Quill Modes: It offers seven quill mode settings for content quilling, which you can choose from based on your own needs. What is absolutely certain is that all of these Quill modes will all be held responsible for the quality of your content.
  • Quillbot Extensions & Add-ons: This writing tool also offers both extensions and add-ons. In addition, it includes add-ons for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs.
  • Quillbot Summarizer: Here are the main points, main features, highlights, highlights, central features, and most important points.
  • Word Flipper: This handy utility will allow you to determine the number of words in your spun content that get replaced with synonyms. You can accomplish this by using the slider that corresponds to it.
  • Quillbot API: It offers an API, too. It is possible to incorporate the functionality of the API into your applications.

What are The Quill Modes?

Quillbot mode
Quillbot Paraphrase

Quillbot will rewrite/restructure sentences while retaining the original essence as much as possible. It has four different modes.

They all have a different process for rewriting sentences and modifying the order of words.

Standard Mode

Standard mode is the middle ground between changing the input and preserving the meaning.

It should be the most widely used mode of the Quillbot because it rewrites unique text from a given input while trying to preserve the context as much as possible.

I use standard mode regularly to understand if I could write my content better than I’ve already written.

Can it be used to produce entirely new content using previously published content?

Absolutely yes, but, if things are arranged meaningfully intact, you’ll need to proofread them.

Fluency Mode

Fluency mode increases fluency and removes grammatical mistakes in the text. This mode can make small changes without modifying sentences or words.

In my experience, it is being used to fix the problems of already unique content.

It’s a lousy choice to create unique content from a given text.

When I checked this mode, I found that it holds a large block of text without any modification but only fixes 1-2 words and punctuation in a given paragraph.

If you add text from the web to Quillbot’s fluency mode, it is unlikely to pass Copyscape.

QuillBot rephrase
Quillbot rephrase

The Best Article Rewriter Ever

AI-based tools, automatically create human quality content.

Creative Mode

This mode creates a real “churn and burns” piece of content from your input.

It is likely to have a unique copy of the content by changing the form and wording of the sentence almost entirely.

This mode can be used for brainstorming purposes.

I’ve figured out that the performance given by this mode is mostly related to almost everything else.

Creative+ Mode

This creative+ mode is a new mode introduced by Quillbot that is very useful and meaningful.

If you want to write something more creative on an advanced level for your audience then you can choose this mode.

It helps you to paraphrase the text of your existing content in the most inventiveness and expression way naturally.

The creative+ mode will change the meaning of your input more than the creative mode.

It benefits from adding more words to the content and making a unique copy of the content.

I am using this mode regularly and hope you will also love this mode, you can also see the result that it gives from the below screenshot.

paraphrasing tool quillbot
Quillbot App

Formal Mode

The formal mode is making your content by suggesting formal rephrases of text.

As we already know that formal content is used in many places like company reports, business documents, writing emails to clients, and many more.

This mode will help you to paraphrase your content in such a way that you can present yourself in more sophisticated and professional writing.

This will really awesome mode and it will definitely help you in every way in writing your content piece with a complete professional sense.

Shorten Mode

Shorten is one of my most used Quillbot modes. It gives priority to shortening sentences.

It increases the readability of a text more than anything else.

Readability is not only for improving user experience but is also an important ranking factor.

I’ve had problems that have not been very readable in writing content in the past.

If you use WordPress like me, your SEO plugin can make your content readable.

I use the RankMath plugin, which assigns a readability score for every piece of content I write.

I used to get a low readability score from the RankMath. I used Quillbot’s shorten mode to rewrite my content again.

It’s achieved incredible results.

The readability score RankMath assigns 12-15% jumps every time.

However, you can not only use this tool and abandon it without proofreading. You still need to read the output provided by the Quillbot.

You will also notice the “word flipper” option at the top right of the Quill mode.

I never changed it from default to custom. Changing the Quill mode on its own already sets a different level of word replacement for your output.

Expand Mode

This expands mode is a very new writing mode feature that Quillbot team has added to expand sentence length from the available content.

This is a very interesting mode and it suggests and helps you to expand the sentence length meaningfully.

It actually adds more details and depth to expand sentence length.

The performance is really great and you can also see the result of this mode from provided screenshots of this mode.

You can also use Word flippers at different levels more accurate to less accurate if you feel worth it.

quillbot Expand mode

What are the Quilling & Graphical Options?

Quillbot setting

Options for Quilling

To allow Quillbot to rewrite quotations, you can check “paraphrasing quotations.”

If you want to shorten a word and want to combine two words then Quilling has the option to do this, check “Use Contractions” to allow Quillbot to perform Contraction words can’t (can not), don’t (do not), and I’ve (I have) are all contractions.

Quillbot also enables the rewriting of British English phrases. If your content is intended for British people, you can check the option “Use UK English.”

Graphical Options

Graphical options allow you to show tips, and legends, Use Yellow Highlight and feedback sections if you want to control these sections on the page.

Statistics on Fluency & Difference

quillbot paraphrasing tool

On the right, under quilling options, you will find the statistics on fluency and difference.

Any time you enter a sentence for Quillbot to rewrite, certain modifications are made to the degree you set earlier.

The statistics section gives you valuable information about the quilling process.

Quillbot’s Grammar Checker

Quillbot has recently, on March 18, 2021, introduced grammar checker features with the Beta launch, and the good news is this grammar check is available in the free version.

You can use this free grammar checker to improve your language with this paraphraser.

You can also check your writing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes with this new grammar checker feature.

With the help of this tool, you can improve your writing and simplify your workflow.

These cutting-edge AI-based paraphrasing tools help you craft sentences using all provided modes for paraphrasing, summarizing sentences you want for your craft, and now grammar checking.

You can double-check your work to improve your grammar and eliminate errors, if any, in one place.

It is the best free grammar check feature, and I love it.

I am using this feature regularly for all my blog content and hope you will also love this mode; you can also see the result from the below screenshot.

Grammar checker for free
Quillbot Grammar Checker free

Quillbot has the best online grammar checker out there, and it’s completely free.

It corrects the grammar, fixes spelling errors, and its grammar checker works hard to identify and fix all kinds of punctuation errors.

This AI-based all-in-one platform is mainly based on streamlining the workflow and improving the user experience to make writing painless.

It corrects a multitude of grammatical errors with just a single click.

Whether you have to write an assignment, essay autobiography, blogs, and email content, these tools can help you polish your content with content edits.

Quillbot AI-based free online grammar check runs smoothly with a seamless user interface to catch all errors, whether big or small, common or obscure.

With one click, you will find all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors with suggestions to edit and fix all either one by one or you can fix them all at once by clicking the “Fix All Errors” button.

In my opinion, Quillbot, they are committed; they deliver what they are committed to base on their user demand to make the writing experience painless for their users.

Quillbot’s team has built the most powerful, comprehensive writing and research tool in the world.

Their entire models are so quick, dynamic, and convenient user interfaces compared to the available tools on the market.

They are also finding ways to improve user experience and workflow, so if you have any other ideas and suggestions, you may contact them at Contact Support simply by putting your thoughts there.

Quillbot Pricing and Plan?

Quillbot Free Plan

Quillbot has an entirely free plan, which gives access to certain restricted things.

So I would highly advise you to start with the free plan to see how they are offering many features and modes to use.

Once you find it worth it, you can upgrade it at any time to a premium version.

The following things are offered with the Quillbot free plan are:

  • 3 Quill-modes Access
  • Up to 700 characters at once.
  • 3 options for Word flipper
  • Limit up to 5000 summary characters
  • Google Chrome and Google Docs extension free access
  • 2 Sentenced at once processed

Quillbot Premium Plans

Quillbot premium plans are pretty cheap and anyone can easily afford them.

In addition, when you go to their higher-paid plans, you can see that you will charge less money.

  • Monthly Plan: $4.95 for one month would be charged.
  • Semi-annual Plan: You have to pay $24.95 every six months ($4.15 per month) to subscribe to the semi-annual plan.
  • Annual plan: You have to pay just $39.95/year which is ($3.33/month) if you choose an annual subscription.

Quillbot also provides you with a money-back guarantee for 3 days.

If you are not satisfied with the premium version of the tool, you can ask for a refund within 3 days.

quillbot premium
Quillbot Premium Plan

Free Version Vs Premium Version

You can only rewrite a couple of sentences at a time if you use the free version.

The free version has a character limit of up to 5000 for the summarizer and a character limit of 700 one at a time. It also provides you with 3 writing modes, 3 synonym options to change, and many more.

The Quillbot Google Chrome extension is available in both free and premium versions. It also allows you to browse Microsoft Word, Google docs, or drag and drop documents for paraphrasing.

Check out the free and premium versions below to get a sense of the features that the Quillbot provides.

I purchased a premium version that makes me rewrite a more massive block of text in a matter of seconds.

They have an annual subscription plan that was not costly at all.

quillbot premium
Quillbot Free and Premium Version

Extensions of Quillbot

Quillbot also has Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word extensions.

If you’re using Google Docs like I am, you can rewrite your sentences without opening your browser again.

Quillbot review
Quillbot Extension

API Access

Quillbot has an API access feature to purchase from the platform. It has an API that allows its AI functionality to use for its own applications.

Its pricing plan starts at $20/month for 100,000 input characters.

Quillbot API Pricing Plans

API PlansPrice/monthCharacters
Pro$20100000 per month Quota
Ultra$1501000000 per month Quota
Mega$130010000000 per month Quota
Quillbot API

Management Team

The Quillbot management team consists of Anil Jason as Chief Technology Officer, Rohan Gupta as Chief Executive Officer, Dave Silin as Chief Science Officer, Saurabh Goel as Director Engineering, and many key members.

I haven’t heard of these guys before.

However, it seems they’re working hard because they’re continuously upgrading the software to make it a superior AI that can write like a real human.

They’re certainly on the right track, not far from what they’re trying to achieve.

 I found that they even included a UK English option to provide further customization for their clients.

What Features are Quillbot Expected to Implement in the Future?

At present, Quillbot can only paraphrase the text you give as input but have different awesome modes that you have not seen in any other paraphrasing tool.

Although it does a great job, it lacks a web crawling feature.

Many AI content writing programs may gather information from various tools to create a unique piece of content.

I contacted their support and recommended it as a feature to enhance their product.

They have been answering and saying they keep trying to make it even more effective with a wide variety of features soon.

If you need an AI that can collect information from a variety of web sources to generate a piece of content, you need Word AI.

Can Quillbot Let You Publish Content on Your Blog?

If only “How to Move Copyscape” is your issue, Quillbot will help you accomplish that.

It could rewrite content that is unique and will not be found as a plagiarized copy of another website.

The excellent thing Quillbot still has remained the meaning a considerably good.

However, I wouldn’t use it to twist content from other people to write unique articles.

No AI has yet achieved a level to write like a human being.

However, Quillbot can also be a great solution to rewrite a piece of content to fix grammar and punctuation errors, improve fluency, and, most importantly, improve readability.

Quillbot has Launched a Blog Post

They recently launched a blog to publish daily content to educate users.

There’s even a Facebook page to inform their audience about what they’re regularly doing.

All in all, it’s a good article rewriter software that’s affordable. I’m not affiliated with them, and they didn’t pay me anything to write this review.

What Improvements Can Quillbot Add to their Product?

Quillbot can rewrite or paraphrase the sentences you have provided.

However, it can not write an article from scratch by collecting knowledge from various sources on the internet.

A lot of other AI paraphrasing tools will write an article for your target keyword Quillbot isn’t at that stage.

Yet, maybe developers should work their way to add other robust functionality to make it a human-like writing paraphrasing tool.

There is also regular freezing during most quilling activities.

There was no such thing when I used Quillbot earlier.

I believe that it is due to their increasing number of customers and increased demand from the processing resources of their system.

Does Quillbot have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, they have an affiliate program. Indeed, the product is incredible but the marketing strategy of the company seems a little strange.

A product of this high quality is expected to be more popular than other SEO tools currently on the market.

I appreciate you very much for taking the time to read the article. Please share this post with others in order to help this little blog grow.

By the way, if you’re not willing to provide automated content for your site, you still need great content written by native speakers.

You can work with Content Creation Professionals because they offer very high-quality content at a reasonable price.

Quillbot Summarizer Tool

Quillbot has recently come up with a new application called “AI Summarizer Tool.”

Quillbot paraphrase summary
Quillbot text summarizer

The new tool is not based on the existing Quillbot interface, but instead offers a whole new framework for users. The AI Summarizer Tool is currently in the Beta version.

The tool allows users to make a post, report, or document by clicking a button and condensing it into the most crucial detail.

The AI uses the manipulation of natural language to gather vital information while maintaining its original meaning.

There are two automatic summary modes: essential sentence mode and paragraph mode.

The critical sentence mode pulls the most critical sentences directly from the source text.

The length variable of the definition can be used to change how many sentences you get.

Paragraph mode takes the data and compresses it into a paragraph that contains summary and paraphrasing elements, producing a naturally flowing text that summarizes the main points.

It Generates a new cohesive paragraph from the source text.

Users may also find out how long they would like the summary length slider to be used for the paragraph.

The summarizing tool can be used for several sources. If you have a news article, a research paper, or a problematic sentence, the summary tool will help you get the information you need.

If you’d like to learn about the stock market survey or the final episode of your favourite show, Quillbot has protected you.

I have tried to summarize a few sentences and found that the results are entirely unbelievable. You can also see it from the below image.

Although Quillbot has a shortened mode to rewrite sentences shorter, it doesn’t use AI well.

I believe that Quillbot developers are trying to open the gates to a whole new level of content rewriting with this advanced tool.

You insert your sentences, and Quillbot rewrites them with “human-like” skills.

That’s the target; it’s going to make money for the business and everyone using this tool.

The excellent news Quillbot is very close to cracking the rewriting code like a human probably soon.

Quillbot Review 2022

  • 🥰 Ease of Use
  • 🙂 User Interface
  • ❤️ Feature
  • 🥰 Performance
  • 👍 Support
  • 🙃 Pricing


Quillbot is growing rapidly and gaining popularity in a very short span because of its quality, free plan that they offer as well as affordable and competitive paid plans.
I would highly encourage you to give it a shot with its free version.
You can upgrade your plan at any time if you find it best suited to your needs.
I hope this Quillbot review provided you with all the information and help you to know about its working, features, modes, and pricing.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

In the Quillbot review, I covered the most frequently asked questions.

What is Quillbot? 

Quillbot is a cost-effective and affordable best paraphrasing tool on the market. Its main aim is to rephrase the content in order to retain the significance of the original content.
It was founded in 2017 by Rohit Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin. Since then, they keep adding new features consistently and improving the quality of the product and its performance.

How Much Does Quillbot Cost?

Quillbot offers very affordable paid plans. The monthly Quillbot, semiannual, and annual plans bill will charge you only $4.95 a month; $24.95 billed every six months which is $4.15 a month, and $39.95 a year which would cost you (3.33 per month).

It’s a budget-friendly price that anyone can afford.

Can I use Quillbot For Free?

Yes, Quillbot offers a free plan with core features and has a few limitations that you can use for free.

Once you find it great to go with the premium version you can upgrade it later at any time.

What’s the difference between a Free and Premium Version account?

Quillbot Free version has access to three modes, you can change three-word flipper settings, and it paraphrases up to 700 characters at once.
It also summarizes 5,000 characters at once.

While in Quillbot premium account with the paid subscription has offers the same features, as well as additional features with many more modes which is available to the premium version only.