Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Rank Math is an all-in-one WordPress SEO plugin and has taken the WordPress SEO community by storm with its amazing list of features. Why is this better than Yoast? Check out our in-depth review to find out all the details.

Search for an honest Rank Math review? Your search here is ending.

Two popular plugins are most talked about when it comes to WordPress optimization plugins.

One is the Yoast SEO plugin, and the other one is AIO (All in One SEO) plugin.

Both offer a ton of great features, and both have millions of downloads all over the world.

And instead … Just a year ago, i.e., a NEW SEO plugin came into use in November 2018.

Let’s introduce you … Rank Math SEO plugin

Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin which created by MyThemeShop.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you might already know about MyThemeShop, because it’s a popular platform for top WordPress themes and plugins.

Because of their incredible features, the RankMath plugin quickly created a lot of attention across the blogosphere.

Yeah, the Yoast SEO plugin is still the # 1 most downloaded SEO plugin in WordPress history, but RankMath is quickly gaining a lot of good feedback and griping user reviews.

Suddenly, from newbie bloggers to professional bloggers like Matthew Woodward, Ryan Robinson, Adam Connell etc., everyone started using this amazing plugin.

rank math review
Rank Math Review

So, that confuses us: what one to choose? Would you need to go for RankMath or use Yoast SEO or All in one SEO plugin yet? Let’s work it out.

Let’s talk about it in this review on RankMath;

  • The ultimate features of this incredible plugin
  • Key benefits of using RankMath SEO plugin  
  • Why use RankMath over other plugins
  • Rank Math’s pros and cons
  • Why we stop using Yoast SEO (and start using RankMath) plugin
  • And some other useful things about the plugin

So are you excited to find out more about this awesome SEO plugin? Let’s just move to the specifics.

Rank Math Review: Is It Truly Helpful for WordPress SEO?

List of features of Rank Math SEO Plugin

RankMath gives you many features, including:

  • 1 Click to import from the Yoast SEO plugin
  • 1 Click to import from the All in One SEO plugin
  • Offers XML maps of the site
  • Offers all sorts of redirect
  • Offers a rich snippet.
  • The LSI keyword tool is integrated (which helps you find LSI keywords to optimize your blog post better)
  • Automated SEO image (which helps you automatically optimize your images that don’t already have ALT tags)
  • Offers you the ranking of your keywords
  • Bulk Edit Titles and Descriptions
  • Blog post preview for Google
  • Up to 5 keywords can be optimized.
  • Choose Pillar Posts & Pages (which helps you with better ranking and SILO structure)
  • Offers you internal suggestions for linking
  • You can’t follow all external links to the image.
  • You can not follow all external links (you can also open external links in new tabs)
  • Gives you access to .htaccess Editor
  • Gives you access to the editor of robots.txt
  • Provides you with a 404 monitor (to identify and fix your 404 pages in real-time)

Here’s a Rank Math overview video from the Rank Math team where you will find some useful details about the plugin.

Rank Math – The Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO

Top 10 of the Benefits of Using RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin

So what’s going to make Rank Math a powerful SEO plugin?

Why is almost every blogger moving to the RankMath SEO plugin? Here are 10 of the BIGGEST reasons for this (read benefits).

1. It Can do On-site SEO Analysis

One of the unique features of Rank Math is that it provides an SEO analysis of your website.

Once the plugin is installed, just click the SEO Analysis tab under the Rank Math settings to start the process.

seo analysis rankmath
Rank Math SEO Analysis

This plugin will automatically start scanning your website once you click the “Start Site-Wide Analysis” button.

Once the analysis is completed, the SEO score (which is 100) is shown.

Here’s how it looks like that;

rank math seo
Rank Math Seo Analysis Score

If you can see above, it gives you three tests: the number of tests completed, warnings and failed tests. Most of the time, you will bother fixing “Failed Tests” because they can significantly impact your search rankings.

In reality, Rank Math analyzes your website and the content of your website using 70+ different tests to help you optimize your site perfectly.

Performing regular site audits, such as SEO analysis of your site, helps you find and correct your website problems so that you can focus on improving your overall search rankings.

2. Optimize Up to Five Keywords

One of the main reasons most bloggers are going to migrate from Yoast to Rank Math is that RankMath helps you to optimize your posts with up to 5 keywords.

If you’ve ever done keyword research, you won’t have any difficulty understanding what you should keep as your keyword focus.

The words which users type are the most important keywords that can be selected.

If you’re not familiar with keyword research, we would recommend you read our comprehensive guide on keyword research.

With Yoast, you can only optimize for one keyword (with their premium version, you can optimize for multiple keywords).

There are days when you can optimize your blog posts for just one keyword.

You need to target multiple keywords to optimize the content properly. Here’s where this feature comes in handy.

Also, you can optimize the use of the following filter for unlimited keywords.

Rankmath keywords filters

As you can see above, just substitute the number 10 with any number to easily increase or decrease the number of maximum target keywords that can be applied to a single article.

3. Track the Your Keyword Position in the Search Results

The integration of RankMath with the Google Search Console (GSC) is awesome.

When you link your GSC account to RankMath, you can discover almost everything in your plugin dashboard.

In reality, you’ll find a lot of information, including:

  • All the keywords that your site ranks for
  • The total number of clicks your site gets on each of these keywords.
  • Average CTR (Click-through rate)
  • The position of your website in the search results for those keywords

Here’s how it looks like that;

rankmath keyword tracking
Rank Math Analytics

It means that you can conveniently keep an eye on your latest keyword positions.

Another cool feature called “Keyword Tracker” coming soon lets you track your website’s rankings for the keywords you select.

4. No Any 3rd Party Plugin is Required for Rich Snippets

Schema Markup, also known as Rich Snippets, is one of the easiest ways to make the website stand out from the rivals.

If the schema markup is applied (there are many types of schema).

Fortunately, if you’re using the RankMath plugin, you don’t have to install or rely on some other plugin or tool to implement schema markup on your site.

Why? This because?

As it gives you the Schema Markup, where you can add 14 different Schema types.

You can easily optimize content for rich snippets and local SEO to help search engines better understand your content.

It doesn’t matter if you run a blog, a WooCommerce store, or a review website, you can use the RankMath plugin to implement Schema Markup (aka Rich Snippets) quickly… 

5. Image SEO Automation 

Do you know that Rank Math allows you to add ALT and title tags to your images automatically?

Indeed, if you’re looking for image SEO optimization, this plugin is very useful for you.

If you already have a lot of blog posts with no alt tags, you can automatically add them.

As you can see above, just turn on the image SEO from the plugin settings and automatically add alt attributes for images without alt tags.

In the same way, you can turn on the missing title attribute functionality to add titles to all images that do not have a title attribute.

To enable the Image SEO settings, You need to go to the Rank Math –> General Setting and here you will be able to see the images functional setting where you can able to make changes.

Here’s You can find how it look like;

Rank math Image SEO automation
Rank Math Automated Image SEO

6. Redirection Manager

Some SEO plugins, like the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin, do not provide a redirect from the package. But this is not the same case with RankMath as it offers the advanced redirect manager.

Rank Math Redirections
Rank Math Redirection

You can select a variety of redirect types, including:

  • 301 permanent movement
  • 302 temporary movement 
  • 307 temporary Redirects
  • 410 Deleted content
  • 451 content not available, etc.

Besides the redirection manager, you can also edit the two most important files on your site that are:

  • .htaccess Editor (you can easily edit and modify your .htaccess file right from your WP dashboard, and Rank Math automatically backs up your .htaccess file before saving any changes to avoid major accidental issues)
  • Robots.txt Editor (you can quickly generate and edit your robots.txt file from your WordPress dashboard)

7. 404 Monitor helps you quickly fix your 404 error pages

A 404 error occurs when you try to access a website that does not exist.

404 errors are terrible for your website’s SEO, as they can cause a bad experience for users of your website.

That’s why you also need to keep an eye on the 404 error pages on your website.

RankMath makes things so much simpler, providing an exclusive feature called a 404 monitor.

This helps you easily check where your website users see 404 errors and redirect them from your dashboard.

The 404 monitor provides two modes.

  • Basic mode captures only 404 errors.
  • Advanced mode captures everything, including the error page, the reference page, including the user agent.

By constantly keeping an eye on the RankMath 404 monitor, you can not only correct these 404 errors but also provide your website visitors with a better experience.

8. Social Media Integration

We all know that SEO is powerful, but if you’re looking for quicker ways to improve your traffic, social media can come in handy.

You need to create attractive and unique images, title tags, etc. to get the most out of social media.

Fortunately, RankMath provides social media integration in the Social Tab that you can find in the Rank Math Meta Box.

Here’s how it looks like that;

rankmath social
Rank Math Social Media Account Integration

As you can see above, RankMath is currently providing social previews for two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

You can conveniently use these two Open Graph feature to add unique titles, description and images to your posts when posting them on FB and Twitter.

9. Gives You LSI Keyword Suggestions

Did you know that when you’re using RankMath, you can get automatic LSI keyword suggestions around your focus keyword?

rank math lsi keywords
Rank Math Focus Keyword

As you can see, RankMath begins automatically recommending relevant LSI keywords to optimize your content for better rankings (without keyword stuffing).

If you know it or not, using LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Keywords) will help you increase your search traffic.

You can rank multiple keywords from a single page (if you use LSI keywords).

So if you’re looking to boost your organic traffic with LSI keywords, you don’t need any extra tools because RankMath helps you with that.

All you need to do is connect your Rank Math account to get unlimited keyword suggestions from Google.

10. Provides a Modular Framework

Unlike most other SEO plugins (including Yoast SEO), RankMath provides a modular framework.

That means you can only use what you need and disable the rest of the modules you don’t need.

rank math modules
Rank Math Module Settings

As you can see above, there are a ton of modules provided by RankMath.

You can choose which module to use and which one to keep aside.

It ensures that you have full control of your website, and you can disable or activate modules whenever you want.

Yoast SEO vs RankMath SEO: What is the Difference?

Until we explore the differences between Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

RankMath uses less coding, fewer PHP requests (hence more speed than Yoast SEO).

So if you’re looking for a lightweight plugin that can be installed on your WordPress sites, using RankMath over Yoast is no brainer.

Apart from speed, the main difference lies in their features.

What Yoast SEO has to offer in its premium version is what you get for free in RankMath. Isn’t that awesome?

Here are some of the highlights of both Yoast SEO and RankMath SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO vs Rank Math Keyword Optimization: You can optimize for a one focus keyword & targeted keyword using Yoast, but its premium version allows you to optimize for multiple keywords.

You can optimize for up to 5 keywords (free version) with RankMath.

Winner? RankMath

Yoast SEO vs. Rank Math Content Analysis: Yoast SEO Content Analysis informs you if optimizing your posts is good or poor, that’s it!

But RankMath gives you an SEO score of 100. Anything above 80 is a good score!

Google Schema Integration in RankMath: RankMath provides you built-in Google Schema Rich Snippet integration for different categories such as articles, books, reviews, ratings, events, and so on.

But you can’t find this amazing feature in Yoast SEO.

rank math schema
Rank Math Scheme Generator

So you can find the overall winner? It is clearly RankMath for now.

Free or paid: RankMath provides almost every single feature offered by the Yoast plugin and is fully free to use (at least for now).

Yoast SEO is offering both free and premium versions.

Their paid version costs you $89 a year when you unlock all of their features, including;

  • You can optimize for up to 5 keywords (available free of charge in RankMath)
  • Internal link suggestions (available free of charge in RankMath)
  • URL redirect feature (available free of charge in RankMath)
  • Social media preview (available free of charge in RankMath)

In reality, you can go through our thorough analysis of Yoast free vs. premium for more information.

And the overall winner, huh? It’s RankMath for now.

Rank Math Settings

Quick Note: We’re not going into in-depth details about Rank Math settings as their official blog already has an excellent tutorial on setting up the Rank Math SEO plugin.

So we’re going to talk about the basic (yet essential) things you need to do after installing the plugin.

When you are already using an optimization plugin like Yoast SEO, you can import all your SEO settings to RankMath.

Which means you don’t have to do all the optimization part manually for your blog posts or websites.

The positive thing is, Rank Math can automatically detect which SEO plugin you are currently using and help you quickly determine which settings you can import.

For example, if you’re already using Yoast SEO, here’s how the Import setting section looks like;

Rank math import seo setting
Rank Math Import SEO Settings

You can import everything from, as you can see above;

  • Settings
  • Term meta
  • Post meta
  • Redirections
  • Author meta

When it’s finished, you need to do a few items that accompany it;

  • Selecting your site (personal blog, e-commerce store, etc.)
  • Link your site to the Google Search Console
  • Sitemaps

All of the above steps are easy if you have already used Yoast SEO or some other SEO optimization plugin on WordPress websites.

Here are a few basic optimization settings that you can set up for better rankings on RankMath.

  • Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives 
  • Nofollow Image File Links
  • follow External Links (you can enable this if you don’t want to pass any link juice to external sites)  
  • Open External Links New Tab / Window (this alternative is what we recommend and we’ve been following the same method for a long time with Techtoolinsights)
  • Strip Category Base (enable)

Once the above things have been finished, press the “Save Changes” button to finish the process.

Here’s how it looks like that;

Rank math seo
Rank Math General Settings

Okay, that’s it, you’re done.

At post level, here’s how the SEO Rank Math settings look like;

rank math seo settings
Rank Math Seo Analysis

As you can see above, there are several things you will notice, including;

  • Your blog post preview (where you can add or delete a title or a meta description)
  • Focus keywords (you can target multiple focal keywords for a single post)
  • Basic SEO recommendations (it suggests where to use keywords for better optimization)
  • Optimization score (also gives you a score so you can easily find out how well your page is optimized for your focus keywords)

You may also include unique social media previews.

You can easily customize your title, description and images while sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

Rate Math’s Pros & Cons

Unless we don’t think about the advantages and drawbacks, this Rank Math review will be incomplete.

Here are some of the noticeable pros and cons of Rank Math SEO Plugin.


  • It’s incredibly simple to use because it provides an intuitive interface that lets you use the plugin pretty much out of the box.
  • You can easily import settings from other SEO plugins like Yoast, AIO plugin, etc.
  • Free to use on any number of sites you own (How can this amazing plugin be FREE?)
  • Offers Google Search Console integration that helps you with everything from crawling issues to keyword tracking.
  • This is a lightweight plugin (doesn’t impact the pace of your site at all)
  • Offers rich snippets (no extra plugin needed)
  • It has a strong Facebook group (they give 24/7 customer service on their website) Offers a redirection module.
  • Allows you to optimize for up to 5 keywords.
  • It’s compatible with almost all WordPress themes.
  • Automatically adds alt tags to missing images.
  • Helpful support as well as having a dedicated forum


  • Certain WordPress SEO plugins do NOT support importing from RankMath as of now (so if you try to switch from RankMath to any other SEO plugin after you’ve been using it for a while, you’ll face difficulties)

Why do We Move from Yoast to Rank Math?

RankMath offers almost every feature available in the paid version of Yoast at free of cost.

Also, we are pretty surprised to see the features and benefits of the FREE RankMath plugin.

To be honest, pricing is the main reason why we moved from Yoast.

Why spend $100 a year if you get the same (actually extra features) features in a free plugin?

Beyond cost, there’s one more explanation of why we’ve migrated from Yoast to RankMath.

RankMath helped us to disable several plugins.

Below are some of those plugins;

  • Schema plugin (RankMath provides built-in schema integration)
  • Switch plugin (offers you to switch by default)
  • Compatibility of AMPs for accelerated websites
  • 404 Error Monitor (RankMath is given by default)

So, yeah, if a plugin saves our money and extra plugins, why not use it?

If they start paying for a few more useful features, we’d be happy to pay for RankMath!

And if you’ve never used a WordPress SEO plugin before, you should undoubtedly install RankMath and just follow their setup guide and see your rankings rise.

If you are already using a plugin like Yoast SEO, you should try RankMath and import the settings with just one click and enjoy all the additional benefits.

FAQs About Rank Math SEO Plugin

Here are some of the most interesting and frequently asked questions about the # 1 optimization plugin, RankMath.

Would I need to uninstall other WordPress SEO plugins if I install Rank Math?

Right, you’re expected to. When you are still using other WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast, AIO, etc., you still need to disable these plugins.
RankMath is an all-in-one SEO-based plugin that helps you with anything based on on-page optimization.
In reality, you can easily import your existing data from Yoast or AIO plugins with just one click.

What’s the difference between Rank Math Free and Rank Math Pro?

The free version of Rank Math is great if you want to optimize your blog posts for specific keywords.
If you really want additional features such as tracking rank, SEO image, 404 monitor, advanced redirect modules, etc., you can go to their Pro version, which only costs $59 per year.
Try Rank Math Pro Today (only for $59 per year)

What’s the difference between Rank Math Pro and Rank Math Business?

Rank Math Pro offers you use an unlimited number of personal sites, while Rank Math Business Plan allows you to install it on your client websites.
You will also receive support for up to 200 Rank Math Business client websites.
Simply put, Rank Math Pro is for bloggers who run multiple sites, and Rank Math Business is a great choice for agencies and developers.

Is Rank Math Free?

Yes, you can use their free plugin version to get all of their new features, and you can download it from here.
You can also use this plugin on any number of sites you own.

RankMath vs. Yoast SEO: Which one is better?

Rank Math is better because it provides almost every feature you need with SEO on-page.
You can take advantage of all the features offered in the Yoast SEO premium free of charge when you’re using RankMath, and it also has a lot of extra features.

Is it easy to move from other plugins to Rank Math?

Yes, this is extremely simple.
After you have installed the RankMath plugin, it will automatically detect the SEO plugin that you are using and help you easily import all your SEO settings by clicking a button from a variety of SEO plugins, including;
Yoast SEO
AIO plugin
All In One Schema Rich Snippets
Redirection plugin

What if I need any help with the Rank Math plugin?

If you ever need any help with the Rank Math plugin, you can go through the links following.
Detailed documentation of Rank Math where you can find a lot of in-depth articles on the use of Rank Math (from installation to set up, addressing issues, etc.)
Knowledge Base Articles (where you can find valuable feature tutorials)
RankMath Forum (a helpful platform where you can ask questions about something relevant to the plugin)
Facebook group (this is a sensitive FB group where you can ask for SEO queries or plugin-specific questions)

Rank Math Seo Plugin Review 2021

  • 🥰 Track Keyword Ranking
  • 🙂 User Interface
  • ❤️ Feature & Benefits
  • 🥰 Advanced Analytics & Performance
  • 👍 Support
  • 🙃 Pricing


If you’re a newbie blogger or an SEO expert, Rank Math will undoubtedly help you with better optimization. It’s feature-rich and the best SEO plugin for WordPress users.
Rank Math is the best WordPress Seo plugin that makes your optimization content work easy with its built-in advanced suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices.
The most popular, advanced-level tool designed for WordPress websites is the feature-rich plugin. I strongly advise you to give it a try in its free version.
You have the option to upgrade your plan at any time if you believe it is better suited to your needs.
I hope this Rank Math review provided you with all the information and helped you to learn about its work, features, modes, and pricing.


So which SEO plugin do you currently are using?

Have you got any more questions about the RankMath plugin? In the comments, let us know your thoughts.

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